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A lil' bout me
Live on no evil (read it backwards)

Hey IM Holli.Im 11 years old in 6th grade in middle school.I Do cheerleading and swimming.and my favorite sports are football swimming and cheerleading.Except not school chearleading.It is a traveling squad called Synergy we travel around the US.awesome favorite color is red and I love sea food and favorite stores are hot topic,spencers,pacsun,abercrombie,579,hollister,and claires.My favorite subject is reading.But I like usually call me funny, talented,nice, and pretty.(i said the pretty yea and im obbsesses with EMINEM!! O yea!!!i have posters CDs stamps shirts hats pins u name it man!I love him. I even have my own site bout him.He is soo soo

I have so many friends I want to write them down but I luv ya'll you guys r awesome.Middle school wouldnt be fun without u guys.MEHUM!lol.I know I love all my friends

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