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welcome to my webpage

Hello and welcome to my homepage
It is brand new and i need some help if you have any suggestions then plez e-mail me otherwise look around and see what you can do!!!
The Pokeing Game
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Each week or mounth we will be having different gossip on a different celebrity and we will have a vote to see who will go next!!! To vote e-mail me and then tell me and i will keep track.
Vin Diesel's got no good eye for the queer guy!
In British Columbia shooting the sci-fi flick "The Chronicles of Riddick," macho studfella Vin Diesel and his posse wandered into a strange bar (hold that thought!) and were about to leave because the babe/guy needle was nudging "Testosterone!" Said Vin wisely: "Relax . . . it's mostly guys here because it's a sports bar." Everybody settled in for a drink, but left abruptly after one of Vin's sharp-eyed doggs pointed out a foxy "lady" at the bar - who was sporting a package even FedEx won't deliver!

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