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Queen T'z Domain
~*~KeEpIn It GaNgZtA~*~

HeY 2 AlL YaLl LiL WaNnA bE MEEZ! (iM JuZt JoKin'). ThIz B tHe 1~n~0nly QuEeN T. U uP iN TiAz DoMaIn NoW. So U Do It HoW i Do It PlAyA. aLl YaLl DaT KnOw HoW I GeTz D-eE-o-Wn ShOuLd KnOw ThAt I aM aLwAyZ HoLdIn It DoWn 4 My N-K-A-Z.

~*~ YuP ThAtZ RiGhT U At ThE BuMmEsT PaGe In ThE HiZtOrY Of ........PaGeZ~*~

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