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Welcome to My page
Unexplainedeyes that is

MY CABIN 13 CREW: take ur time think a lot think of everything u got for you will still be here tommorrow but your dreams may not.. I LOVE YOU ALL MUCH!! I MISS YA 2 MUCH AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!! :) mwah
Chelsea: Michelle Branch!! omg i can't wait.. mr. lincon.. lol you getting shot in the ear with a paint ball damn we really did have some great memories!! love ya much
Brittany: eating cucumbers with dressing woo baby is good.. lol our tight bellys.. haha my tight belly?? tum tum tum tum tums.. lol what an interesting soccer love ya :)
Randy: I swear on all the dead, i only have one personality.. it's just hard to comprehend i look super duper sexy today.. "uh well that's nice" not to excited i see.. lol love you much and always will even though i'm the buggest pain in the ass you will ever meet... mwah :)
Mel: FRIEND!!! lol omfg! did you just bite my knee?! lol love you like a sister.. what was the getto story again about hoodlums walking away with the fridge? lol keep it chillin
Logan: some day i'll have to show you home much your missing out when i dance and you just watch! thanks for being there for me you know.. lol when Mindy kept IMing me and i got it under control you were still there to piss her off even more. your great.. see being ex's and having a great friendship is possible.. love ya :)
Shannon, Tess and Brit: CONVERSE ALL-STARS!!!!!!!!! sleep overs that last forever.. buffing the car.. lol you all are like amazing we need to hang out like every day.. :) PENIS!!!!!love ya
Kym: singing in the car and the stopping the music.. lala woops!! lol "will you rub my back??" "oh come on liz always does" "PLEASE" lol the O.C rocks my world now!! lets go a long road trip for the rest of our lives just o get out..:) lol love ya
Dale: boston was so much fun.. we gotta do it again.. you PUNK!! lol take care :) hope to talk to you soon goshie your like never on any more..
Mike: how's tex-ass?? :) everyone misses ya!! hope your doing well!!
Austin: Liz is far from being god!! lol you 2 are weird! passing the soccer ball around the house... "damn i just like kicked your ass big time"!! lol "you just don't wanna admitt us girls are better" lol your a cool kid . ttyl
Liz: Hmmmm... I haven't hung wid ya in a while cuz your gone all the time so.. hint hint hang with "the girls" more! me you and kym sould go some where out of this boring state!!! love ya always cuz i have to :) jp l8r
Fabian: write me a song sexy man.. lol we really have to meet up some time so i can really judge how hot you are in person.. :) your a cutie.."I'm gonna get hooked with a hot sexy rock star one day you know when i'm a rock star".. :) Mwah..

BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
"the last time you saw me was through your closed eyes"
"do you even know who you are.. a barrowed dream or a super start.. is life good to you or is it bad... do you even know what you had???"
"please be sure to enter this transaction into your records"
"If i have to grow up so be it!"
UNEXPLAINED EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the names Amanda, Spaztic Amanda :)

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