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azn pride repersent
azn pride

itz all bout azn pride cuz.. repersent fuk da rest itz all bout phillipines china korea japan singa pore vietnam lao hmong hawwai cambodia thai samoia indonesia i dont giv any ware azn r at ight if i missed any otha azn's itz koo i repersent dem 2 ight itz all bout azn pride cuz we stick togetha matta wut otha bitches say neva loze the azn pride neva dont eva be a disgrace 2 yo race take care of the business wen u gott 2 if u dont yo nuthin but ali8ttle disgrace 2 our race ight dont only repersent yo pride repersent azn pride stick togetha and take ova!! 1 azn pride 4 life cuzzzzzzz........

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