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)) -::-
. ."))
((. .. -::-
-::- ((.'.:*.||.Hayley*Boo.||.
_/* _ .**..**.****
* * / sWeEt LiL MeH **.
EaStSiDe SoPhMoRe, you freshman are in for it!! Ha Ha
*Be ((sExXy))...Be =.TrUe.=...bE //WiLd\...bE *YoU!!*
OnE oF a KiNd
ThErE aInT nO dOuBt
IlL bLoW yA mInD
Im ThAt MiNd ShOcKiN
BoDy RoCkIn
SiTtIn HiGh
LoOkIn FlY
PrEtTy SlIcK
SeXy ChIcK
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So many thoughts, so many tears, so may times, we have hid our fears, i thought it was love, u thought it was pussy, well fuck u bitch, now who is the wussy?! I tried and tried, i really did, but no matter what you stayed a little kid, nothin will eva bring me back, now look nugga, the love from me u lack! I got u jumped, it was great, look what happens when love turns to hate, all the pain you caused me, now lays in your heart, and all u can do with it now, is shred ur mind apart, think of the reason this happened to you, think of everything u put me through, now think of whats worse, denial or pain, and know that hurt FeMaLeS dont stay sane!
Sub-Page: ~*~My Quotez~*~
~No1 is a virgin, life screws us all~
~Lifes a bitch n then u die fuck da world lets all get high~
~I was here..but not to stay...smoked a joint...and buzzed away~
~Every1 tells me that my mr.right will come but mine must have got lost, took the wrong turn & is 2 stubborn to ask for directions~
~For all u hoez who talk shit about me thanx 4 makin me the center of ur worlds~
~4 all u bitces who talk shit about me my name aint Dick so keep it out cha mouth~
~Pass me tha motha fuckin blunt maan..~
~Officer:I swear to drunk im not God~
~No officer theres no blood in my alcohol system~
~Party hardy rock n roll drink bacardi smoke a bowl~
~Its the weekend its time to party time to get blazed n drink bacardi, time to smoke at 4:20 go to bed, get up late, wake n bake smoke a fatty in the caddy stay fucked up all weekend long n when it come to monday morning hit that bong~
~Me n my gurlz be smokin dat weed we get so high we cant even breath we smoke all day n party all nite by the time we come home we higher then a kite~
~All da gurlz want one guy to meet all her needs while all the guyz want all the gurlz to meet his one need~
~I aint a playa i just crush a lot~
~Me n my gurlz be shakin our hips y all the guyz be lickin their lips n the gurlz they wanna be us n they guyz jus wanna freak us~
~Men are like roses u gotta watch out for the pricks~
~I was guna go to class until i got high~
~I love u, u love me lets get 2getha n smoke UR weed~
~chics b4 dicks~
~No guy is worth ur tears n when u find one that is he wont make u cry~
~To the world ur just one person but to one person u could mean the world~
~Dont say u love me unless u mean it cuz i might do sumthin crazy like believe it~
~A peach is a peach a plum is a plum a kiss aint a kiss w/ out sum tongue~
~No1 can tell me what to do its my life n ill do what i want to~
~Do u believe in love at first sight? or should i walk by u again?~
~Im loved by sum hated by many envied by most yet wanted by plenty~
~If ur nice u can call me sweety, if ur sweet u can call me hunny, if ur hot u can call me 2nite~
~ONLY BOYS break gurlz heartsmake them cry, and play them MEN do NOT~
~People rgunatalk about u especially when they envy you and the life u live let them..u affected their lives they didnt affect urs~
~Ever stop to think n ferget to start again~
~im sugar n spice n everything nice b4 u mess wit me u betta think twice~
~If u want me 2 fall 4 u, u gotta gimmie sumthin worth trippin ova~
~if u hate me i love u too it aint my fault im cuter than u ~
~if all my gurlz jumped off a bridge i wouldnt jump off wit them id be at the bottom to catch them~
~tru friends r loving tru friends care and in the end tru friends are always there~
~Dont cry over anyone who wont cry over you~
~2 words guys hate dont and stop unless u put them together~
~dont talk about how great u are let ur actions do the talking~
~some call me hot and sweet
but i call myself uniq
aint no1 got my techniq~
~if u dont like the way i drive get off the sidewalk~
~La La La I'm Not Listening To you And I Never Will!~
~I'm SwEeT as HeAvEn, I'm HoT as HeLl, I'm the FiNeSt GuRl, as U can TeLL~
~Computers: A really hot fault....that's my reflection~
~stop honkin ure hornz stop callin mah name I aint fallen 4 ya game~
~CoMpEtItIoN Is NaDa. .
ThErE AiN'T NoBoDy HoTtA~
~U Be GoOd AnD aLl Be baD~ I'Ll GiVe U thA BeSt TiMe U evA HaD!~
~*All you girls think you're tough...
Well all your stuff ain't that rough.
You think you know the deal...
But it's me & my girls who be keepin it real*~
~I'm NoT sHy, I jUsT dOn'T lIkE yOu~
~if it werent for guyz id quit skool~
~If u WaNnA gEt wiTh mE iN Mi GiRlz uLL hAvE fUn i BeT, bUt I mUsT WaRn yA, WeRe LiTtLe pLaYeTtS~
~StRuTiN OuR StUff ShAkIn OuR BoOtYiEz,Me n My GiRlZ,R LiL CuTiEz~
~Dawn to dawn dusk to dusk life's too short so party we must!~
~ShAkIn My BoOtIe..MoViN mY hIpS MaKiN u DrOoL n LiCk Ya LiPs BeT nO oThA gUrL cAn TeAsE yOu LiKe ThIs~
~*If u mess with the best, you'll go down like the rest*~
~*Friends are 4ever,Guyz are whatever, When worst comez 2 worst,My girlz come 1st!*~
~*Be Sexy..Be True..Be Wild..Be You*~
~When the officer says: "Gee son you're eyes look red have you been drinking? respond: Gee officer your eyes looks glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?(lol nah dont really do that u jus MIGHT get in trouble)
~Ok, ok ,ok ,ok i understand..
Wait, what?~
~Smiles And Tears, Giggles And Laughs.
Late Night Calls And Cute Photographs.
I'll Be There For U Till Da Day Of My Death.
Best Gurlies Forever Till My Very Last Breath
Shout Outz
Kellie- Love u bunches baby gurl, stop tellin ppl you love muh boobs, lol, thanks!
Steph- Nothing will ever ome between our friendship!! your my sis always sweet cheeks! love you n miss u!
Ashley- I hate u because u r done with high school, lol, no i could never hate you, i love you soo much, thanks for being there for me all year, come n pick me up sometime, from, peace!
Krystal- Damn gurl, lets not forget im white, ha ha, the laughs with you are great and i miss u this summer! much love!!
StephanieG.- hey well all thoes skippen days at ur house were funn, even tho i had to go to summer school to pay it off,love u n miss u as well as everyone else, lol, peace!
Nique-speechless, your very special to me, i love u so much and thanks for everything, and, you know, peace!
Brady- you are so sexy, u make me, dont tell kellie, lmao, ha ha, well things were great...thanks for the kissies behind the gym!! u!
Corey-make up ur mind already- still love ya tho!
Curtis- u ass, lol, i love u, but i dont like that u n ashley are all done with HS!!
Mike- you are sexy and ur really sweet, sorry i couldnt chill this summer, u know i miss u! love u lots...**smoochies**
Chase- i love ur car more than you, lol, jp, you know i love you more than ur...hem hem...uhh...ok, car! lol, i had fun in the parking lot during lunch, you know, *wink*, love u !!
Chris- same to as to chase, ur an awesome person to chill with, love u lots!!
sorry if i left u out!!
~*~*~o0~*~*~GHS FOLK~*~*~o0~*~*~
Jack- ur awesome, thanks for being there for me, the heart to heart convo's have helped me out some, lol, thanks, love u lots, sorry i cnt see u as much, keep it close through the phone lines!!
Daniel- Hey bubba, lol, well ur an ass head goat ball cooter saggen licker, hmm, sorry, lol, you know how it is, well i love u n im sorry as well that i cant see to as much as i us to!
Ryan- ha ha, PANGIN!! lol, like i have been saying to the Bobo's, sorry i cant see u as much!! i miss you n wish we could chill more, but like i said to jack, we keep it close through the lines! much love to ya!

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