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hey peeps ur at Brookes homepage!
hope u like it!!!but the only thing to do on here is read bout me k...

heres some of my friends :Dakota,Savanah,Brandi and u other friends that i didnt 4get but i just have so many!!!:]well heres some things about me i LUV BASKETBALL!! and i have 4 pets and tons of family!!i luv god completely !!!i absolutly LUV my BOYFRIEND even though all my friends Hate him !:{ well what else is there to say oh but sorry there aint no games or comics or a guestbook if u want to do that check out my other homepage at ...k and i hope u like that 2 well outie !!! luv ya all-brooke

my hobbies r:im always bord [sometimes] and i talk on the phone im always on the computer and thats mostly whay i always doing i sometimes go outside and play basketball and alot of the times im babysitting my little twin brother and sister then my other sister it stinks and i like to dance and sing on the weekends i stay up really really late and sometimes i have one of my friends stay the night we listin to music,dance,sing,watch movies,eat,and all that crap just like normal peeps do well i think i said enogh so im quiten byebye!!:>

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