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what is gay and whats not for a 1o yr old
lets read this eh?

What is hot 4 a 10 yr old? Well why do ppl ask that or why do people ask how is a baby maid? How is a baby not maid.?
i used to think a stinkin stork would drop babys off. Geez how stuped is that? I know what youre thinking its pretty stuped.
What is hot 4 a 10 yr old well how should we kno but there is 1 thing that is totolly not hot 4 a 10 yr old Buildabear like what is the point of it you mise well dress youre cat up for free.
i kno this gr.6er that loves to go to buildabear like get a life rite i don't mean to be mean but why cant he just get a barbie doll its cheaper.!!! What is hot 4 a 10 yr old is the indor sourse sk8te park now that is something you can brag about and i g2g cuz i need some thinking to do about well i donno but intell next time seeyaz pplz

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