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dA iLLeSt ShOrTy
~Go~Go~Go~Go~ShOrTy ItS yAh BiRtHdAy~

~ Whats good? Muh name is Sharen I'm 16 years old ~n~ I got plenty of room in muh jeans~ Im about 5 foot 110 lbs shorty with that ass! ~ Brown eyes Brown hair nice skin and always lookin for fun. ~ I play basketball dance and sing. ~ When I play ball ~ I play w/ my homeboys. ~ When I dance I dance hip hop reggea and very NaUgHtY just for yall niggaz ~ When I sing I rap I freestyle or I enjoy singing soft beats. ~ I'm reppin my plce called Hazy a.k.a Hazleton. ~ HoLlA bAcK aT yAh GyRl~

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MuH bAbY TuPaC sHaKuR

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