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could u imagine being supermans couisin. ud have to be jealouse. u cant just walk around calling urself 2cnd best man. like superman handles murders and he can handle j walkers.but i bet he could pick up women cause if ur name was superman u gotta have a nice car..... if u drove a taxi and no one was coming u could paint in super taxi and swarm to u like like on seeling out.
i am not looking forward to the future cause i know there gonna ruin all my favorite movies. like make the rap version off wizard off oz if theres one thing i can go forever without seeing its a scare crow popping a cap in someone. though tinman doing the robot would be pretty cool.u know the keebler elve. if they wanted more buisness they hook up with the koolaid guy cause dont get me wrong the promise off eating somthing a stranger made in the woods is promising but the koolaid guy is like the mob off the corprte industry. and he dont get his way hes coming threw ur wall.if u drink the koolaid guy do u gain his power. or would he live in u. thats it thats were frosty went he didnt die he just got feed up with those smelly kids so he ran away built a big glass body so people werent as tempted to jump into him... yeah thats a great idea now instead off being slightly injured ur gonna be digested. obviously ur magic hat was a little tight.
yeah ok imk done for now but ill be back o yeah i will. 311 is sugar monkey and mash was created by a genuis like ensteins reincarnation

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