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life and erica
they just don't mix

.:today was very interesting. i had one of those breakfast drinks this morning. it wasn't half bad except for the fact that i didn't shake it enough so at the end it was a bit too chunky. but very good indeed. im in love with the linkin park song, breaking the habit. i was listening to it last night. its beat took over. i was listening to it over and over and over. ironically today when i was talking to jenn about it today i completely forgot how it went. my brain needs to have and oil change. it keeps hurting. my head literally hurts. its like a sharp pain slice through the curdles of brain flesh. i like to many people. well i can't really say "like" i admire them from afar. i wonder if anyone ever admires me from afar. my neck starts hurting if i dont have a straight posture. it's all from standing too much at work. after a while it just keeps getting numb. i want to increase my vocabulary. i want to be more like those people who use words that completely describe a situation with less than two words. i love this. this web page. i was so bored and then i realized, hey maybe i could have my own web page, now look. lately everything has been clicking and i have been getting everything i've wanted. i got my job. i got my the make yourself cd that i so desperately wanted to have for longest time. i love incubus. its my passion. its my obsession. plus brandon boyd's lyrics make me all the more attracted to the band as a whole. his body is just amazing and he's nice and tall, another plus. i haven't written like this in a long time. it feels like riding a bike. i don't forget how to do it, my muslces are just sore from it. today is a beautiful day. the breeze is cold and crisp enough for a fall sweater. fall is my favorite season. i dont know what i would do without golden aged leaves or the warm layers of this season. i love halloween. it's my favorite time of the year. that's why i am so glad that my birthday is at the end of october. i must say that summer sucked. this is so much better than two months ago. i can't wait until friday. i get my paycheck then my celluar phone. i am extatic. now i can have an even more increased social life. i bet you didnt know that having a cell phone greatly increases the chances of you having a better social life overall. most people don't like calling your house because they don't know who will answer, and for some reason they avoid all contact with the human life forms that other than the person calling. they enjoy the fact of knowing that the person calling is them. its weird when you get the voice mail message because people just leave a song and try to avoid there voices being recorded because they hate the way they sound . usually we are pretty sure we have the correct phone number. but with the clumsiness of people nowadays and the carelessness, one could never know. unless you're like me and you're going to actually use your real voice on your voice mail. and i'll maybe use an incubus song or two.:.

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