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lego my ego

how did cannibalism start i mean way back in the day was there just some guy staring at a cow and going mmmm now that looks scrumsios course hed say scroumsou cause as we all know cavemen were gay wich is y its a mystery y we all exist........ha ha ha ur ansestors were gay.....and he cant have just like goine up to the cow and taken a chomp mooooooooo.......hmm y not combine the only to things i know how to do fire and kill
the only thing thats worse than being alone is being with someone who will lie to u
i think the sexiest thing nature ever made was the spider cause ther like natues original supermodel all they do is make there husbands get food for them till they over eat and there husbands dont wanna so they eat there mate....... awwwww girkls killing the ugys who love them they ithnk there people.... plus theyve got those sxy leas
could u imagine being supermans couisin. ud have to be jealouse. u cant just wal around calling urself 2cnd best man. like superman handles murders and he can handle j walkers.but i bet he could pick up women cause if ur name was superman u gotta have a nice car..... if u drove a taxi and no one was coming u could paint in super taxi and people would swarm to u like like the hulk on selling out.
i am not looking forward to the future cause i know there gonna ruin all my favorite movies. like make the rap version off wizard off oz if theres one thing i can go forever without seeing its a scare crow popping a cap in someone. though tinman doing the robot would be pretty cool.u know the keebler elve. if they wanted more buisness they hook up with the koolaid guy cause dont get me wrong the promise off eating somthing a stranger made in the woods is promising but the koolaid guy is like the mob off the corprte industry. and he dont get his way hes coming threw ur wall.if u drink the koolaid guy do u gain his power. or would he live in u. thats it thats were frosty went he didnt die he just got feed up with those smelly kids so he ran away built a big glass body so people werent as tempted to jump into him... yeah thats a great idea now instead off
being slightly injured ur gonna be digested. obviously ur magic hat was a little tight.
crusher thrasher cutter slicer chopper .........blender........blender just doenst fit in and it aint fair cause the blenders just as cool it just got a lame name is all.trhey should cal it the chop a fruit the first homophobic machine..
u know when ur teeth r ddry and ur lips r dry and they get like stuck and ur lips it like way up on ur teth...i got that and im gonna go make people think imvampire..eghh nothing scarier than old vampires cause they cant seduce u like young ones so instead hey sexy hows about going to my castle..o yeah thats right baby i have a castle they gotta go hey baby hows about helping me put my pill back together i seemed to have crushed it under my wheel chair then when they go down the old dude waps her with a pickle whips out a shrp straw and the horror begins...i know what ur thinkning thats perposterous y would he have a pickle well have u ever loked inside ur grandmas purse it would freak u out man.they got teeth stickers butter and ther bigger the purse the more stuff so the bigger the purse the more senile
hey hostess im sure u got a lot a lotta snow balls if u now what im lame joking at.....y did u make those pink seriosly what r u gonna do next wrap it in a purple scarf and cal it snowballs the taste off liberache.
by captain cruton and the cantalope kings a.k.a my confused teenage self i think the sexiest thing nature ever made was the spider cause ther like natues original supermodel all they do is make there husbands get food for them till they over eat and there husbands dont wanna so they eat there mate....... awwwww girkls killing the ugys who love them they ithnk there people.... plus theyve got those sexy legs
roy roy roy he likes boys boys boys he dont like girls girls girlshed rather humpa a squirel squirell squirell
do u realize how evil u woulda had to have been to have jesus beat u up. what if jesus was named chaz mcool wow would that be wierd
all hail the chazmister
i wanna know who named the whales blowhole its like the dirtiest name u could possibly think off and ud think a scientist could com,e up with a better name then blowhole
im making sure the urban myth isnt true that cops r made off candy like a pinata so im gonna go find me cop and a pole
im very evil.....11: jello
kuj311: is it true what they asy about jello
kuj311: that its made outta broken dreams and sadness
UmaChan311: no thats what tears are made of
kuj311: yeah tears jello same thing
itsa me mario and ima gonna get heck outta here theres a freakin dragon here no girl is worth that geeze call the policia what makes u think a fat plumber could do....."(toad)no no mario ur not fat" oooo u a so nica to me back in my trealm we eat u on r pizzas ur called mushrooms but somtimes i like to eat toad on my pizza to(toad)"ahhhhhhhhhh" o ocme mama mia what a cry baby its just getting grinded into bits and put through several hundred organs..........(tarzan in wheres the hair coming from ahhhhhh im turning inot a monkey
im trying to decide wether or not to eat these kebleer cookies theres somthing strange about eating cookies made by mysterious people in theory is they to make illegal drugs but one day they just fried there on brains on overdosing thought they were elfs and started making cookies think about it y would a real elf make cookies in the first place
if i lived back in medevil times and i met a dude named sir lancealot i would know not mess with him. its like being named sir stabsalot.i would go finmd the guy named sir crysalot. serioulsy screwing with someone named after a stabbing motion is like kickinbg supman in the leg calling him a super homo what do u thinks gonna happen
f i ever go to texas there r to things i expet to here one u get the death penalty 2 grow u mullet and grow ur mullet long boy
i have a theory that i could tak any one named clancy unless hes a saint cause they got jesus powers
my impression off life as a teenager ahem everyone"hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhaahahah"you "u got stabbed in the eye with an arrow hahahah wait can u get stabed with an arrow" slightly dorkier freind"no u can get impaled its like u cant get punched by a bullet"gf who makes lame jokes but u keep around cause shes hot"i got stabbed by a bulet"evryone at once"hahahah(faking it)you thinkning to urself"i wish i could move outa this suck town.and make out with my hot annoying i want what if my gf was a taco shed taste so good shed be a spicy taco(smiles creepily)gf"what r u laughing at r u turning japenese"everyone"hehe"wishing she would shut up sp they could act as miserable as they"im bored.u guys want tacos"gf"ur a taco"freind "i dont have any money"you"well thats cause u suck(thinking ihope u starve sucky"
oranges so rule and all the othe other fruits wanna be just like them yeah nice try watermelon y dont u just go back to ur watermelon tree and secrete tear like fluid crymelons is what u should be called
cheer up things could be worse what if u hada chainsaw for head u would never ever getto taste solid food.and that would zanx
remember when murdering someonealwaysdo it witha wooden spike just in case there a vampire
Ima shotun shell coming straight from hell devil at my side better run and hide I can smell ur fear but let me bend ur ear im gonna beat u down gonna make u drown……I want u to die I want u die cry all u want but ur gonna die"me" y im not quit sure

king kong was really kinda a horn dog think aobut it he couldnt even find another monkey.thats like one off us trying to get with an ant...king kong was pyolly the first animal ever to go the eye docter cause he got human in his eye.try explaining that one to the eye docter i try to give pretty lady a kiss and misplace and now eye hurt. if u hit somone whos allergic to balls witha dogdeball and he dies is itr murder.butr in prison no one would mess with u i mean u could kill someone with a dodgeball
bite me bite me screw u
i figured out where im gonna go the second i get enough money im heading texas or kentucky and im goin demolition style.theres whole new breeda hillbilly im basicly gonna be the same but more horny and with less violence......and more teeth
i started singing a made uo chrismass song..o jolly santa how cheerful u must be bringing kids presents making me happy.o mistletoe thats were id like to goes on like for ten mihnutes and i made it up spontaniously
lucky rabbits foot whats so lucky aobut a foot that got choped off some poor cute little animal and died bright pink to be sold in a gumball machine with prices so high u gotta use credit cards for them now located right next to those stickers off those girls ahhi hate those like its not scratch and sniff with those girls its scratch and contract one off there many stds. no mmoomy i dont wanna gumball i wanna hooker in sticker form that way i can learn about the birds the bees and the stds seeing as how my dads to busy worrying about m,y gradews to teach me

u think there was ever like som penguin walkking around in the artic and accidently stepped on the groin off some hibernating bear
i hate me

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