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Jenns Page
Love U Bunches

Hey honey weve been together since July and the more time i spend with you the more i know that I LOVE U SO MUCH!U are so great to me!I love gettin to see u and since u have the same feelings then i know this is going to last for a long time and im so happy!But remember I LOVE U AND I ALWAYZ WILL!!!
Now For The U.G.L.Y.S.!!!lol long story!
(U)BRANDY-Gurl U know i love u so much!I hope u stay in Haterson for along time that way were alwayz close to each other!U cant be movin off far away fm us!!But i hope you have a GREAT year good and luck with everything!STay Sweet!!
(G)Darla-U have alwayz been there for me and i hope im doin a good job at returnin the favor!I know things have been gettin different lately but i love u so much and im alwayz here for u!Remember that! I love u forever!!
(Y)ELIZABETH-HeyCHICKa!U know i tell u everything and vice-versa!I dont even consider u my best friend anymore cuz ur my SISTER!!I love u so much we do everything together and were alwayz gonna be bestfriends no matter what!!!!
(S)-HOLLIE-HEY girl!!WHAT IT DO!lol!GoodLuck With Cheerin and Softball and all that stuff u do chick!!Mayn We can have some good gossip talks lol about all kinds a stuff!!lol!u know!!newayz i love u girl!!
ASHLEY-GURL!What Can i say!!!!lol!UrGonna adopt me one of these days i live at ur house newayz!!!DErn we talk about bunches of stuff and half of its stupid but were idiots what can i say!lol!I hope ur dreams never come true!lol u know which ones!!!!haha!Newayz I LOVE U SIS!!
Tyler-Hey boy uve alwayz been there for me threw thick and thin and im tryin to do the same for u!!!So if u Ever need Me im Here ur one of my BestFriends!Ur Crazy and a dumb sometime but u know since im ur momma i can and WILL straighen u out!lol!Newayz iLOVE U AND KEEP BEIN GOOD!!!
Hank-Boy u r so freakin crazy!!Seriously!!U need to get better soon!Dern We need to make us another Sign for the BOOMBOOM ROOM since burrows ripped it down!!Keep Bangin them drums boy i love u!!
Callis-Boy i love to talk to u bout my problems and vice-versa u help me alot and i try to help u!!Make sure u keep hank i line!lol!!Newayz beGood and stay safe good luck with everything u do i love u bunches!!!!
PLES WARREN KROPP-U were one of my bestfriends Ples and i miss you so much!I miss playin speed and hangin out!Dern u dont even know!I miss you so much and i cry about u all the time but i am gonna get these laws passed if its the last thing i do!!I LOVE YOU HONEY and i know were gonna meet again someday and were still gonna be bestfriends!And boy u was gonna be kickin some booty this year in track you were so freakin fast!
MANDY NICOLE ROSS-SugaMama i miss you so much u and Micah were so great for each other! I know i dont get to talk to u everyday like i used to but i still love u and ill see sometime i know it!Keep bein u!i miss you
JESSICA ANN ROSS-Gurl u and them flip-flops!!dern u never wore a real shoe even in the freezin cold ur so Crazy!I miss your smile when we ran down the court in bball season and when we was runnin durin track! u was alwayz smilin no matter what!I miss you girl I love u !!U and Justin Are Great 4 Each other and i know yall are still together happy in Heaven!
JUSTIN WADE ROEBER-Justin school aint the same without you! all your jokes and stuff are gone now and we all miss it!i cant believe u never got to play one game last year!But its ok! I know u and Jess are still together happy and its gonna be like that forever now!I miss you & I love u!
I believe in Angels,The Kind that God Sends, Im surrounded By 'em, I call them My BestFriends!......In Loving Memory of Ples Kropp(March 8,1989-April 11,2003),Justin Roeber(July 31,1987-April 11/2003), Jessica Ross(November 5,1988-April 11,2003), and Mandy Ross(April 4,1989-April 12,2003)!!
These were my 4 friends who died in an oil tank explosion on April 11,2003 in Anderson County Texas!They are lost But Never Forgotten!!
I am working with the parents on my friends who were lost to get the laws changed about what should be around oil tanks and how they should be stored.....if you were friends with any of them or even if u knew them or u didnt but you dont want this to happen again then would u please email me to get a list of Texas Representatives who we are working with in order to pass a law so this will never happen again! if you email me i will send u name and what u should include in your letter with whatever u have to say! The more letters we get the more it helps and we will make it so that this Never happens again!!I LOVE AND MISS YOU J.J.M.P.!!

Email: Jennifer

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