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Diablo 20 21 22 and 23 style
diablo vs. you

Hi if you don't like Diablo 1 or 2 leave because that's what this site is all about.
Welcome Diablo fans to my site I also play Diablo 1 and 2.
They are some of the best blizard games ever except Diablo 1.
Character Choice
Three characters Socerer,Warrior and a Rouge and still don't know who you want.
Well I'll tell you who for close combat and in your face zombie Deaths pick the warrior.
If you want eat my firball and fight my golem action grab the magical socerer.
You want death from range your best bet would be the rouge.
Wanna get your message to everyone on diablo click the stealthbot link at the bottom of my page.
The stealthbot is a good easy to use bot.
With the stealth bot I have been able to get millions of people to join the clan im in.
My clan's name is Triads.
The clan use to be called Diablo's Mafia till this other clan with the same tag as ours took over.
Now it is called Triads and millions who say the bot i use is annoying know that.
If you wanna join the clan e-mail me at the email link at the bottom of the page.
Tired of getting beat around by zombies and not beating the boss.
If so e-mail me and tell me I'll edit your character and dupe my items for you.
After that you will be the one beatting guys around and kicking boss but.
If you don't trust people dupeing for you I'll tell you how to dupe.
1.First make sure you have something in your belt it can be anything it just has to be in your belt.
2.Drop the item you want to dupe and close your inventory.
3.Walk away from the item far enough so you can have your mouse on the item in your belt before you reach the item on the ground.
4.Finnaly click on the item to pick it up.
5 When you reach the item a the exact same time as you pick it up click on a item in your belt.
6.Drop the item that you clicked on in your belt and it should be the item you dropped before.
Only if done correct will this work.
Don't worry if it does not work it takes awhile to get right.
All you Diablo 2 fans don't worry I will update my site as soon as I get my Diablo 2 running.
Ok enough time for me to tell you about my characters and stuff.
My favorite character is the socerer because he knows the best magic spells at the highest levels.
I like to help low levels out and like to play on
When a player starts making fun of me I use the stealthbot to get him/her to stop or to turn everyone against him/her.
My favorite thing about diablo is the chat because you have a freind that moved or just wanna talk you don't have to visit them or dial a number.
Finnaly I got my Diablo 2 working so now you can hear about diablo 2 instead of just diablo 1.
I might talk about the expansion set too when I get that working.
Diablo 2 Character Choice
5 characters and don't know wich one to choose well I'll tell ya.
Want some bonecrushing and smashing moves plus in your face diablo kills pick the barbarian.
If you want some asome magic with fire ice and lightning spell grab a sorceress.
Need a great warrior with powerfull skills choose the paladin.
If you love bows and spears and love to kick but from a range you want the amazon.
Wanna raize the dead to fight for you pick the necromancer.
My favorite character is the necromancer because he controls the under world and curses people.
The best part about Diablo 2 is the characters and more and better enemys.
Beating diablo might be hard so don't be afraid to go and get levels before you fight big d.
Make sure you are stocked on health/mana or rejuaveanation poitions.
Diablo Has many diffrent attacks and some that are weak against diffrent characters like diablo's fire circle is weak against barbarians because barbarians can leap over it and attack diablo.
If you have any trouble e-mail me and tell me and I'll tell you what to do.
A good idea when playing Diablo2 when you find a gem pick it up and keep it.
Don't sell it.
When u can buy a wepon better then yours or the same as yours check if they have any socketed.
The same goes for helmets and sheilds.
This is because weapons are better socketed.

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