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no one ever really hears me so who cares
id kill myself without regret with the the challanges ive met i think i deserve at least moment off pain for an eon off plain

firat things first it was a bad idea to give me freedom of speech.matter of fact everyone who was involved in it should be punished like washington u should all get rid off ur one dollar bills yeah thatll teach him.and i know the perfect place to dispose off them or any other type off currency thats needs to be taught a lesson.i would be jelouse if i was only on hte one dollar bill it doesnt seem they should like update his picture cause ok back in his day maybe the wig thing was cool but i gotta tell u washington ur coming off a little gay.
ok as a humongoid favor to anyonelike me out there im not gonna do shout outs.but i am gonna do this 311 is sugar monkey and mash was created by a genuis like ensteins reincarnation.....
could u imagine being supermans couisin. ud have to be jealouse. u cant just walk around calling urself 2cnd best man. like superman handles murders and he can handle j walkers.but i bet he could pick up women cause if ur name was superman u gotta have a nice car..... if u drove a taxi and no one was coming u could paint in super taxi and swarm to u like like the hulk to selling out.
1i am not looking forward to the future cause i know there gonna ruin all my favorite movies. like make the rap version off wizard off oz if theres one thing i can go forever without seeing a scare crow popping a cap in someone. though tinman doing the robot would be pretty cool.u know the keebler elve. if they wanted more buisness they hook up with the koolaid guy cause dont get me wrong the promise off eating somthing a stranger made in the woods is promising but the koolaid guy is like the mob off the corprte industry. and he dont get his way hes coming threw ur wall.if u drink the koolaid guy do u gain his power. or would he live in u. thats it thats were frosty went he didnt die he just got feed up with those smelly kids so he ran away built a big glass body so people werent as tempted to jump into him ... yeah thats a great idea now instead off being slightly injured ur gonna be digested. obviously ur magic hat was a little tight.
if ever start a club im gonna call it the fabulous viking sxers from novascousha. that way no one will know what we r and we can apply to get money from a bunch off unsuspecting charities.

ok this is the part were i pretend im philosohpical and u all sigh and bow ur heads.i think that most corporations have just given up. like as i right this im eating dry cereal (yeah i knwo im a classy gent) any way it list some off there other products on the box and they must have spent like 2 seconds coming up with thesenames like product 19,just right( o yeah weith a name like that how could u go wrong look for in ur groceryh store located right next close but no cigar cookies)all bran(gee i wonder what that is). and if u know me thern im sure uve heard me complain about this but the theme songs have juist went down the old spiderman theme that had lyrics then u listened to the newer one and its just radiocative spider man spider man radio active spider man.
bah bah blacksheep have u any wool yes sir yes sir 3 bags full. ok this song means 1 off 2 things to me one that this is a self loathing self abusing sheep who is willing to chop off his own fur or just induendo for drugs wich he happens to have three bags full off. i think im gonna camp out in the freezer today in a futule attempt to freeze myself and awke when technology is advaned enough to make waffles self heating.
ok cookies r the greates food. scratch that there the greatest thing. there not even a thing cookies r a miracle.
o and for the record my name aint hawkeye though i wish i it were. my names joe. ibut josh star woulda been way cooler. but im young and helpless so any girls out there that wsanna take advantage off me i live at just over the rainbow. u know way up high
superman wold make a terrible freind. hes always lieng bout what hes doing hed use his special visions ini poker.and hes obviously conceeded i mean he named him self superman. wich i guess is smart thoghu cause if was an evilvillian and i had a choice to eitherfight batman or superman id go with the guy named after a small mamal.
when hansel and gretel went into the woods and found that poor girls candy house yd they bite it. there punks thats a ll they r they had there bread crumbs but they were selfish theyd deserved to eaten by a wicked wich.u know the guy who named burger king if ur gonna self proclaim urself the king off something y not set ur goals a little higher then meat on a bun.
and im done typing for today so far ive updated this thing like 3 times and i only do it when im mad so i guess im mad. wich isnt really fair i mean the hulk(the sellout)when he gets mad he gets super powers when i get mad i type.anyway today is liek uhhhhhh the 7 or somthing and uhhhhhhhhh i never really was one for goodbyes or hellos actualy im not one for playing well with others but im sorry if u read this it took me like a total off 10 min to write so uhhhh sorry i didnt really pay much attention. and i leave u with this though mickey and minnuie look exactly the same only diff thing is a bow. same with pacman maybe these characters just like crossdresssing and they dont wannna let the truth out.
there u go and baby her am i o well u left me here so i can sit and well golly gee what have u done to me well i guess it doesnt atter anymore. do u remembe baby last september how u held me tight each and every night well oopsie daisy how u drove me crazy well i guess it doesnt matter anymore. there no use in me a trying ive done everything and now im sick off trying ive hrown away my nights and wasted all my days over u well u go ur way and ill go mine now and forever till the end off time well find somebody new and baby well say were through and u wont matter anymore......the late great buddy holly he was one funky monkey o yeah
pros and cons to the world freezing over dumb peopel would die...con cool peopla wil cannibals will have a tasty frozen hunting for food will be incredly easy les theres like a cow on an ice hill and he slides down. pro we could show off to hell bu freezing over first yeah stick it to the sticking man. pro things wouldnt smeel id be dead
girls r all superheros and im cyptonite. but its ok who doesnt wann be a green glowing rock.
ur going no where with ur life u better listne to whats right.
u know whats supa fly bout the sex pistols i tihnk thre the only band in hte world that coulda gotta way with saying u fascist shovenistic government fool.
lava lamps r a great invention cause combines the fun off molting hot lava wih the fun off staring into a light. if i did eventualy see the lighti think it would blind me. im not a lucky person u know the needle in the haystack if i jump in thats what i land on.ok ducks eat fish right. this tells me tat fish r increasingoly supid all the ducks do is float on top and look down all the fish have to do to not get eaten is not float u[ into a duck.
the only thing worse than getting easten by a jello monster is being eaten by a green jello moster.u thinkwhen the pilsbury company goes broke theyl get desprate and cook up the doughboy.

u know what i hate when u get stuff stuckin ur head. especialy loke songs that u dont like and its always just the most annoying part. right now i got thats one annoying guy from tose commercials. u know the governmet gives away 50 doallars a year to sudents free... lalalal freee. thats guys insane hes just sop random did u know the government is monotoring wach u watch on tv aaauuulalalaalalalalaaa.did u know my third niple tingles when u use ur mind ray.
disco songs r great cause its all the same thing threee words and some sound effects in the backround going woop woop so it ends up being happy smiley woop woop

u know y people like me die early........cause off peopl like u. no matter what i do its wrong couyld u imagine if i was the one doing th abd stuff if i robed a bank theyd kil me.mean people suck
every inch moving me every inch cutting clean even u sliced in to there it is how does it feel...let me take u there

the only real heros r alan alda stephen king and j.d salinger
could u imagine batman on his first day when no one knew he was and he was walking around in tights. they prolly just tohught he was headed for a gay club. and walkiong down those dark gotham streets matter sonly got worse when he noriced there was a constuction worker a cop and an indian behind him.... ymca...u can skimp out without pay at the ymca...
hey u know hitler dissapeared when everyone found out he was a fake. what do u think happened to the wizard of oz after he was found out.maybe the midgets hung him.

u iknow whatd be cool having ur own candy factory.and u could like make the best tasting candy in the world but shape it like a squid so no one would wanna eat it. plus maybe theyve got hot umpa lumpa chicks
well this here verse in the people in russia although it is a long long ways a way they couoldnt hear this song in russia but wouldnt understand the words anyway so just relax y the radios on drive the car up on the lawn let me play ur guitar all night just be glad u live in america just be glad and be urself cause if u didnt live here in america ud probably live somewhere else....camper van beethoven

i wanna change my name to mastger so pweopel have to leggaly call me master.

if i was a supemodel i would only used products that osunded french. like dasani and suave till one day i accedently put vlavidan toothpaste in my hri thinkning it was shampoo..but on the plus side my hair would smell good
do u think there was ever like a russian spy who was spying on some chick and sued for being a peeping tom. then fired the spy service thought he was a prv, then his wife left him. then he spent the rest off his life telling everyone he was jesus. u know whatr would be a sad injury is if u like hutrt ur head in a war and u had to get a steal halo and everyone weould thionk ur an angel and when u went into a bar and asked fopr a drink the bartender would freak out and repent and u have to listen to asll th perverted stuff he did untill u lose ur appetite an just leave.

o lost touch so long ago my fingers r gaining dust u knwo u think at some pouint finaly ive changed finaly im not that nerd who got picked on hi whole life anymore. but then i realized it i didnt change everyone else did i didnt get better u guys got worse.......and u probably wont even knwo who this is dedicated to but u used me and someday ull get urs
from now on no one us fed ex thats right i have the choice to protest something and i choose to protest fedex y u ask well luhhhh cause they support squirell whipping and once the president kkicked a newborn in the family jewels. from now on use ups there way cooler plus there name is easier to spell.but to tell u the truth i dont think anyone reads this anymore so idk y i keep typing
dont say u love me u dont even know me dont say im different cause its the same


sheild me from u happeiness

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