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come on in the fire warm
who brought the food

hey my name is kyle tollas. I hope you like my site i hope you brouhgt the food.

hey its me again. I like sam and audery and danlie and jakie and laruen. I like playing on the xbox and PS2. I also like eating, playing with my frinds. I like the simpions and family guy. My fav coulr is bule as you can tell. Iam still My have lots of frinds and techers like me as a student. i have a lot of frineds that are girls and my best frineds and mac,anthony,devan.louie,and rhino.i like ducks and my fav animal.I have my sister. she has a boyfreind.I like bowling because it is very fun. And sam and audery i am so sorry you know i love both you girls. Please bring food for the fire. Who didnt bring food?

Email: kyle

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