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Meivazhi Salai
The True path to Eternity

This life we are leading has an end. It is known to all that we must die one day, yet we are afraid of this. Is there anyone who wants to die? If we know we are going to die in another 1 hour, we can't imagine or express the state of anxeity and fear one goes through.
What creates this fear? Is it the thought that we are leaving behind ur dear ones in this world? No! even a lonely person never wants to die. He fears death. We dont even like
anyone telling the word - death or discuss about it.
Does this fear not indicate you that death is the most dreadful thing that can happen in anyone's life?? That's no big punishment that u fear other than death.
People visit Mecca, Kasi, Tirupathi & other sacred places where the samadhi of the great saint is located.
Will they visit to burial ground of some other common man for a sacred purpose??
What's the difference in the death of these two people?? It clearly says one has attained good death & the other has NOT.
People has forgotten the purpose of why different religions came to world.
(a) Why are u born in this world??
(b) What happens after death?
(c) where is GOD?
(d) what is the purpose of the religions?
(e) Is there concepts of heaven/hell??
Do you want answers for these questions?? Do you also want the same kind of death as the saints have attained?? Do you want to see the miracles that happens during the death of the people who follow this true religious path -> "Meivazhi" and get the profits of the religion??
Just visit "Meivazhi Salai",Annavasal, Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu, India, Pin_Code : 622101.
MEIVAZHI - THE TRUE PATH and the True Religion, that swallows up Death in victory - offers not only to help mankind to escape from evil consequences of death, but also to achieve all that a noble soul wishes for - the accomplishment of its destiny, the noblest purpose of life, the supreme salvation leading to Eternal Bliss.
Message to the world from Salai Aandavargal =======>
The spiritual, divine and basic axioms of all religions and all the divine descriptions of the scared names of GOD and the religious names which mankind has adopted for themselves, all denote only the seat of wisdom and region of reasoning in the human body. The immortal religions which exist for conquering death also denote the same thing.
Therefore, Our message to the human race is that We know positively the location of the seat of wisdom and the soul of reasoning in the human body. Thousands of Our disciples in India and elsewhere also have been initiated into the divine knowledge about the seat of wisdom and soul of reasoning. - SALAI AAN GURU (Sri Salai Andavargal).

Email: Salai Vidhya Chandrasekaran

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