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Still A Panther
By: ME!! (of course)

Hey All!! Whats up out there??!! Just want to say hey to all my girls and guys back in Pikeville!!
Amanda!! hey luv ya sis
Stephenie!! always a blast
Tara Jo!! always could count on u
Lauren!! my best bud!! luv ya
Erica!! Chrome baby Chrome! ill never be the same cuz of u! luvs
Sarah!! u and watson deserve each other!!
Ricki!! dont mess with simone!
Kylie!! could always make me laugh!! luv ya sis
Jordan!! What happened to Kory!! u too were soo cute!! luvs!
Laura!! haha Cory H!! what happened there
Danielle!! lylas!! angie!! haha
Now the guys!
Cory!! hey never forget those long talks!! luv ya
Kory!! U still think ur alll that!! lol
Whatson!! hey i heard about u and Kylie! *Go You*
Will!! U still like Tara Jo!! lol
Ryan!! I bleed blue!! haha! u went and bought that shirt!! luvs!
kaigler!! Luv ya!! Miss ya!! becky!! omg! lol
Ben!! Love ya like a bro!! come back to me!! lol
P Dot!! Been pimpin since been pimpin! haha gym!!
Matt!! yeah ur right! ya never had a chance!
Tate!! miss ya!! lylab!! thanx for the advice
J.D.!! heard bout u and Erica!! i would have never guessed!! still luv ya tho!!

Now for all my kids in Oldham!! lol
Brittany!! lylas! Bobby jean!!
Erinn!! hey girl!! ur fork lol bring a metal one!!
Sadie!! hey chick!! lol that guy bout ur bealt!! lol
Alex!! Billy Jean!! remember the trip??!! lol that was fun
Mallory!! Did he ever call u?? lol he said u have too many friends!! but i didnt tell ya that!! lol luvs!
Megan!! i colored ur poster!! lol No candy No vote lol jordan!!
kaylen!! Did i spell that right?? lol lylas!!
mmm cant think of anyone else!! if i left u out just e mail me and tell me and ill be happy to add ya!!
Luv yall!!

Other Places to go:

pogo games
varsity cheerleading

Email: Brittany

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