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Teens Cafe
Want to meet people from all around the world visit this site!

Welcome to Teen Cafe! On this site you can find people from all around the world to chat with and be pals! I have been to many penpal sites and for most mine is the best! At the bottom of this page you can: put in a info ballet so people can email you to be your penpal! But i don't have that working yet so if you want your info to be on my site for people to email you and for you guys to be pals or watever just email me with your stats! You can also email me to be my pal! MY info is on the page connected to this page!
To go to the page with all the info about people just click on the button thing below for what age and gender you want! The genders are obveously male and femaleand ages 10-13 14-18 and sorry for those older 20 and 30 year olds! FIND ANOTHER SITE ! like yahoo personals!
Well this is as far as i am working on this today well see yah! Don't forget email me and tell everyone you know about this site!

Other Places to go:

Famale and Male 10-13
Female and Male 14-18

Email: Brittany

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