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Journal of Me***

June 4th, 2002- i cant believe im goin to my kindergarden ruinion soon.....its soooo boring there! all we do there is see our kindergarden teacher and sit there for two complete hours doing NOTHING!

April 9th, 2002- im sitting in the car of course so sleepy and uncomfortable!"this music is killing me!!! What is this! J'lo? Ashanti? ughhh whatever it is please turn it down dad!"i father finally turned uit down, i almost fell asleep bu then realized i had to go to the bathroom uh-oh!

October 1st, 2002- im sitting down watchin tv while i should be celebratin my mothers birthday......ehhh she says when people get older they care less about their birthday.....I think you should never stop celebrating! its very important to celebrate the day you were born!

New years 4 2003!!! I need rest.......i was so excided allnight i forgot what bedtime was! maybe i'll ind time to sleep later but first i have to write my friend a card for new years!(Im only sendin it to her because on christmas she sent me a card and i luvved it :-)

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