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whatcha think? this week: christina aguilera
topics are sent to me and i write my opinions.......

ok well i guess i should start
i was talkin about this ubject to a group of mine and also a couple friends.It seems that everyone is taking christinas appearence the wrong way.
as i was talkin with my group one of the girls told me christina dressed as a slut. I'm thinkin " how does she know what a slut is? Or how one dresses?"
but i chose to speak my mind that day
Christinas gone through so much in the years of her life and i am shure more will happen
she was picked on as a child and when she was in the mickey mouse club it got cancelled
all the others from the show seemed to be going places faster then her
as for her clothing and how she wishes to dress.... well personally i dont see a problem with it..the people who thinks she dresses like a slut..well they probably have friends who dressjust like her or they themselves dress that this point in time it is the style like for the guys its the baggyb pants and long shirts.....
well thats pretty much all i can think of at the moment
if you have any topic ideas please send them to me and i will put them up in my site....,see u all later

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