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You got the power!
Learn some confidence!

You need confidence. Everyone needs confidence. Some ways to gain confidence are to do yoga and to clear your mind, to relax and lead a stress free life, and to picture yourself doing the thing that you are trying to gain confidence for. If you don't feel like running out to a studio to do yoga this is what you can do: go to a quiet comfy place and put some slow classical music on. Now breathe in and breathe out. Continue this pattern. Take deep breaths. Think of yourself on top of the world. You are the best at everything and think of what God has given you. Think of all the positive things in life. For thinking about yourself doing that thing you always wanted, sit in that comfy place and relax. Think of yourself winning that gold medal or hiking to the top of Mt. Everest. The motto that helps me is: Work, Work, Work and a lot bit of trying in between.

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