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my life,friends,family

ME-i am 12 going on to birthday is october 2,1990.i was born in ocala,fl and moved to mcallen tx when i was 2.i went to ben milam elementary and attend deleon middle school.i am a lion cheerleader(school cheerleader).i play basketball and soccer at the park with my friends.5'2,tan skin,light br hair,hazel eyes that turn gr.glasses,athletic build,sporty attitude.i collect dollz and no not dolls but dollz if you go to google down there and type in dollz u will find out wat dollz im talkin about.i like the song im addicted to you.i love the british accent.i love british boys,they are nice compared to the wild childs that we have in texas.
FAMILY-i have 5 sisters and 3 attached to my younger siblings danny and destiny.danny is 11 years old and destiny is my newborn sister(5monthsold).my parents are divorced and i live with my dad is 52 and an ok guy to hang around with.he is nice (part time).i never met my mom and dont plan on meeting step mom =) miriam lives in mcallen and danny and destiny live with her.(dad and miriam r divorced 2)i love my family with all my heart.destiny looks just like me when i was a baby and i love her most of all.

FRIENDS-my best friends in the whole world are glenda,glendas brother edgar ,and jessica.i look up to glenda and her brother because they help me when i cant go on no more and care for me when no one else will.i am glad god brought glenda and edgar into my life.jessica is a tipocal crazy girl like and her get along because we act exactly alike.jessica is the one i can trust at school to laugh out loud with me while everyone thinks we're crazy lol.

internet palls-my friends that i meet over the internet are radish,elcabron,radish,drpepper,and knightowl_da_ghetto_bird.thier names are just ask them i met them at the chatroom that i put down there.i have made alot of friends on the internet chatroom.

PETS-i have two loving and adorable little doggys.mimi and george well killa and cugo as we all call them.they are little ratterriors.mimi is a 3year old female and cugo is a 1year old male.lolcugo is mimis baby.well yea really he is one of her pups lol.

a quote that i made when i was in 3rd grade.

live long,live happy...
live short,be happy.
*it still needs a bit more but i cant put up pics im sorry i dont know how "thanxs for droping by come again soon" if u know how to put pics email me and tell me how thanxs again!*

Other Places to go:

my deleon lion school
google i find everything here
i chat here with friends

Email: jessi

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