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  B  1972: Honorable Dr Lou Who  

Well hello!

I've been waiting 30 years for today, and believe it or not, I look younger today, on the photo below! So lighten up your monitor to see it! Let me know if you can see it? If so, I will dark`n it further!

Gee's translate the marquee above! cheese it's wingdings 2! B 1972: Honorable Dr Lou Who You will see other codes in my pages. Kiss my dupa!

Yes, I am the webmaster of this, my 1,200 web page I ever built, with over 9,200 files. Every single page and file and www website can be accessed and seen threw the many links on and threw this page. 

It came to me as a very pleasant surprise getting back in touch with Steve. Actually .... it is very unbelievable and I'm still in semi shock. I been hunting for him and Ed the Head from my book and the many escapades of my other friends. So many have died from alcohol or drugs. My score was ZERO! Till a few days ago when I spotted his e-mail and sure enough he gave me a reply. In our separate ventures before he or me turned 50, I had wrote a book, and he cut a CD with his rock band "LONG".

Now your probably thinking, "Incense Peppermint", "Somebody to Love.. Airplane", "22,000 days.. Moody Blues", "Judy Blue Eyes.. Crosby Stills & Nash", "Whole lotta love.. Zepplin".

Well that was the beginning of `68, this was more,

"The whole world is watching.. Chicago", Rattle Snake Shake, written by Peter Green, Performed by Fleetwood Mack, Bolero hall of the mountain king.. SRC", "Stairway to heaven.. Zepplin", "I feel like ahcid.. Beefheart", "Maggie May.. Rod Steward", "Lucky Man.. Emerson Lake & Palmer". Cheese I could go on forever it seems...

It was in between this music period. Summer 1969 I met Steve, (Stevo), Ron, (Cheese Wheel 111), Michael, (Hole). And this list goes on... If you seen the pix next to mine, I believe I took that pix and developed it in my darkroom at the time. It's from Cheese Town circa 1969 near the gazebo in the park their. We all met every Sat night and socialized and went out and had fun as only a few hundred ppl gathering in one place can do. You see, it's not a big town, yes it's small country corn feed living. It's a place where you go to meet ppl and express yourself, only to find out, before you can get the words out, someone is speaking your mind to you. Talk about companionship and being close knit. Sometimes I felt like we were all clones with the same brilliant ideas of being Masters of the Universe, and became the "Champions of the World", and we are!

Besides the many beautiful woman and the great party's and the greatest musicians in the world all gathered in one spot. The all nighters on the beach at the dunes of Lake Michigan. The endless ramblings and rants and likes of the baby boomers. "We're all brothers on tomorrow.. Beefheart", "Mirror man.. Beefheart", they all were to "Give me that harp boy.. Beefheart".

Sometimes I look deep into my soul and realize I have hopefully 1/3 of my life left. The reflections on the past. Is the best yet to come?  The days of old. The foolishness of youth! The woman! Oh hell, where's the party?

~Honorable Dr Lou Who

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~Honorable Dr. Lou Who

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