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Welcome to my Secret Passage! This page will have updates every now and then on things I find truly inspiring that didn't make it to my first Inspiration page. Here you'll find more detailed accounts and raves from people I know.

One person in particular I've met while on the net is a man who has me puzzled, thinking, and usually inspired on a daily basis. While you're here, I'd like to introduce you to my first guest in this passage: Dr. Lou Who. He's a known writer, web designer, and author. Check out what he has to say. Any feedback can be directed to him, or I. And please welcome, Dr. Lou Who:

The Dr.
Hi! This is Honorable Dr. Lou Who:

You do know me. We have all been here before. There is nothing new under the sun. What was, will be, now and in the future. Everything you see, once was. Including the monitor you're viewing this with, had the same name. Are you living the same mistakes as the first earth age? Are you repeating them? Are you improving and obeying the commandments of "GOD"? And you thought I was talking about reincarnation. No! You only get one shot at this earth age. The third is the final, yet to come.

Can I screw it up?

Our current President Bill Clinton recently said, "I do believe in the God of second chances." He was close, but no prize. There is no God of second chances, unfortunately you only get one chance in this earth age. But, if you never had a first chance, by not being taught right in this earth age. There will be people like me to teach you with a 2x4, in the third earth age. Well, you say, I go to church, I know God! But have you read his letter to you lately?

Eziekiel space ship madness!

First of all, why is the word "Whirlwind" used here, a noun and not a verb? Well a verb descibes an action of whirling wind. But in this reference and context, it's a noun, an object. Why is the "Whirlwind" described as "Amber"? Why does the translation say, "A highly polished bronze vehicle"? Maybe it was! Lets explore. What's this wheels spining besides themselves? In Eziekiels days, chariot wheels went up and down, not sideways. Pretty good description for a 2,500 year ago farm boy who's never seen a space ship.

Got your interest?

Let's go deeper. Chapter 1 and 10, describe crystal helmets and flames and roars off the flames, shooting down the bottom. Landing legs that don't bend and landing pads of feet. Wherever the wheels went, the spirits inside it went, though they looked not. Guess it moved more like a helicopter, instead of a horse. A mother ship with 4 sister ships. The beings shown bright of the glory of the Lord. He fell on his face and the Spirit lifted him up, not knocked him down as in some churches do. So now, do you know where I'm going with this?

That's right, "Why does God need a space ship?" Captain Kirk

He doesn't! Wherever God is defacto, so is His throne, which explains the four beings or the "zoom" around Him. Which we read of the beings, "zoom" in Rev. also. But, you knew all this right? Now if you've been paying attention to the four books before this one, you would see that God's six story house, gold lined inside and out, was allowed by "God", to be destroyed six years previous by the Babylonians. You know, the one I wrote of previously. Where the "Lord of Hosts", the form of God that was 30 feet tall and that floated 30 feet above the ground to clear the way for his 30 foot dangling sword. That's why his house had six story gold doors. So he didn't have to bend his head, entering or exiting, while the thousands in the congregation watched, 642 BC. Maybe that could be why they had such religious ferber.

Now I get it!

So Eziekiel didn't experience, "Gods House". He's a little late on the sceen. So this is why he experienced, the "Whirlwind" or the throne of God? Because His house was just recently destroyed? But, who can believe in chapter 9, where a tractor beam grabs his head and transports him from Babylon to Jerusalum over 200 miles? And what of the "Visions and doors"? Could it be the future with diferent dimentions? Look at the four abominations with each one getting worst in the future. Of course, if you know this, then you are already of and in, the two of the seven churches God approves of, Smyrna and Philidelphia.

So You Don't Believe In God

Personally, I don't care and he don't want you. Sometimes you have to be sent to the devil to get your act straightened out. If you are having problems, then maybe God still loves you enough to care to want you back. Turn to Him & He'll turn to you. If you have no problems, well then your heart has already been hardened like Pharos's in Egypt.

So You Don't Believe in the Bible

I don't believe in the Times newspaper. The Vietnam War never happened along with WWll and WWl and their are no real Indians and no French Revolution and on. Funny, you can trace all that back. You don't have ears to hear & eye's to see. Adam's & Eve's eye's were opened. Who told them they were naked. You got it! Old slue foot! Is it a sin to wear clothes? Your eye's are shut man!

So You Do Believe In Archeology

Well! Spoken like a true hypocrite. P.S. Hypocrite according to ancient Greek & Hebrew & Chaldee & Roman, has a meaning worst then all the F words & mother words and rip-off words combine. But don't let me drift. I talked to a college student studying Archaeology with her teacher the other day. Uncovering the digs in Greece, only to find records of the ships of Tyre.

So You Do Believe In The Ships Of Tyre

Tyre is also another name for the evil one. Also a city between Greece & Israel. Seems so funny 936B.C. to 966 B.C. 3,000 years ago, well preserved heathen records. Yes! The people had god's for the morning, statues for the rain the sun the moon. In fact, they had so many different god makers, 80,000 of them were finally employed by King Solomon himself along with an additional 70,000 stone cutters. Read King Hiram's records for the era, he traded goods for them.

So You do Believe In Pagan Records, Figures!

They so feared the God of Israel, that they themselves paid homage to Him & gave up their god's because they considered worshipping a false god as to adultery. They built the house of the one true God during that time period. Provided you believe history or even there was a yesterday.

God's House On Earth 966B.C.

God's house was 120 feet wide by 120 feet long with 3 separate equal rooms on the inside 40 feet by 120 feet. The entire house was 7 stories tall. The Holy of Holies was inside the back room at 120 feet by 40 feet by 7 stories tall with 2 Cherubim Angel's facing each other wings touching the walls and each other 40 feet wide and 7 stories tall pure gold lined. Everything is gold lined. Including the house. Between the Cherubim's the Ark of the Covenant with the unbroken tablets and the mercy seat on top with God himself sitting on it. With the alter in front of that.

ll Samuel Chapter 6-9

This is a simple way to get some of the records, provided your eye's still see and your not a Ark Major. The mist of God filled the House and many of the pagan kings came and worshiped & converted their. But who are you? Are you not of the tribes of Israel? Are you not in a land of milk & honey? Are you not the one to receive the promises? Are you lost like the tribes? Trace their roots! The same time they left 430 years later or @ 500 B.C. several million of the lost tribe before they were lost, were spotted south of the caucuses mountains, yet 6 months later several million Barbarians appeared from nowhere on the north side of the caucuses. By who? Of course, read the Roman Empire records. The Roman's could not defeat them. The druggies the tent makes the horse riders the bow makers, us!

We Are The Lost Tribes?

Lost to man but not to God or me or others who's eye's are opened. These Barbarians started worshiping also false god's. Or should I say your great grandfather. They would go naked and paint their body blue. The Romans could never defeate them & chased them up north. The tribe of Dan's Mark,as judge or Dan Mark now Denmark. The tribe of Germainy or now called Germany, Ephraim many nations England and finally Manassas the Great and mighty nation that will never be defeated or its weapons compromised. Gee! I haven't the faintest idea it could be America.

We Will Push Many Nations To The Ends Of The Earth

Isaiah of course. Country? Cherokee nation, Navaho nation, need I say more? We will defeate the one's from the rising son. Man I hope your not ignorant on who they are. The nation of Rush and who can that be? Will come up and over the North and I will destroy them with 80lb hail stones and they will know I am God. Not a hair on the elect will be touched.

Born Again Or Born From Above

You must be born from above. The word in the Greek is ABOVE not again. Read all the words above as they were wrote and it will make sense. Born from above! The Son's of God saw the woman on the Earth that they were fair & they took them for play pretties. They refused to born of woman in the bag of water. They left their heavenly habitation to give half human have supernatural off spring called Giber or giants. Most destroyed in Noah's flood since 7 Adamic souls survived it says nothing of the other flesh that survived. Daniel will defeated one 31 feet tall in 987B.C.

Do Not Be Deceived

Also a kewl title of my 4th book! The son of Perdition must come first! If you still bleed, God has not come yet! You're not in the supernatural body, there-fore Christ is not back yet. Don't be the first to go with num nuts as some Christian movies say, to be taken away first. First to who? Antichrist of course. Remember! You bleed don't be deceived. Not Convinced Yet

Don't worry, no one wants you anyway. If you have troubles and hardships, turn to Him and ask Him why! Repent by asking forgiveness. Your still wanted. Still shy? Then try the sure fire way, Malicia 3. That's right. See if you don't have so much money & so many good things happen to you, that you have to give some of your blessings away. What do you have to lose. Prove to yourself there is no God! How? He gave you this little simple test & promise. Tell me how your experiment went! I have to hear of your results.

Prove To Me Now Here With That There Is A God

See if I do not pour you out a blessing you can not contain or hold. Prove to yourself I exist. Bring yeah all your tithes into the store house. That's money in now a days circles. Try giving God a tenth of your spending income this month to the one who has taught you. As for the tithes, Jesus said, "These things yeah ought to have done." Prove to yourself there is a God, I just gave you one of his promises. There isn't 1 person I know, who isn't a thither who isn't worth over a million dollars today. You can be too! I know! I seen it!

This is but a slim taste of things to come.

After you get past that, you could move onto chapter 40. This is where you will find a complete description of the third earth age. It thoroughly describes my place up there also. The house with the big pillars and palm trees and heated pool in the back and the domestically named animals in the back that accompanyed me through this life's journey. Repenting is simply admitting that you're telling the truth now, that you lied before. Sounds complex, but if you endure and read your Father's letter. Then, I'll put a shrimp on the Barby and save a cool one for you.

Even Slue Foot Crashed My Machine While I Wrote This

The Prince of the power of the air couldn't handle it. But my God is stronger and I was able to save at the last minute before reboot. Funny! Someone out there must need this. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me below. And to read futher writings about me, please buy my book "Hippie Daze: Recovery Knights" ~ by Honorable Dr. Lou Who ISBN#1889131296". Barnes & Noble's or Amazon.com or your local book store! Or from me personally, Click Here!

RX Enjoy!

Honorable Dr. Lou Who

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