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Welcome to my Secret Passage! This page will have updates every now and then on things I find truly inspiring that didn't make it to my first Inspiration page. Here you'll find more detailed accounts and raves. And please welcome, Dr. Lou Who:

The Dr.
Hi! This is Honorable Dr. Lou Who:

Newer writing:

You do know me. Before I start on my regular page rants, be aware of one thing. You might say, why don't I talk about myself here? The answer is very simple. You know me already. Now you might say, how is that possible? That answer too is simple. As any good scientist knows, we are all made from atoms. Each atom has electrons revolving around them. Each atom has free electrons revolving around them also. Right now some of your free electrons are going to the other room and coming back to the atoms on your body. Other free electrons are going around the moon and returning to your body. Still others are going to the ocean and coming back to your body. Do we have a soul? Can we measure subatomic particals? At one time, all the sons of God sang together. We were all there! The first Earth age! See you again soon! Enough said.

So your in a bad relationship! Welcome to the club!

Favorite line from good `ole Uncle Joe. Notice, no "old". That's out of respect. Yes, the usual little things you notice first. He don't open the car door for you anymore, when you go out. She don't bother with a big breakfast. She slaps a slab of meat in for your lunch. He never says you look pretty today, anymore. He never takes me to the movies or dinner. Or maybe he does, but comments while you walk with him threw the mall, something to the effect of, "Man! Does she look hot! Look over their honey!" Some nerve, right? Then again, maybe it's the subtitle hints of less & less enticement & more & more toward neglect. Or maybe your weight. Or maybe something on your diminishing looks. What ever the case, you begin to miss the courtship, the romance, the gayety. Where did it all go? Seems like only yesterday, they wanted you & loved you bad. They would do the little things for you. You loved the attention. That's what you wanted & especially from them. You begin to think, some of my friends still care for me and the new one's just adore me. Why can't they be who they were when I met them? I miss them asking me, or doing something for me without me telling them. Try Ecclesiastes 7:27-29. Had to throw that in. If you don't fit that profile and the above criteria fits, then read on!

OK! Your right! Now what do I do?

I found bentadine to work quite well. It works on all piercing. Keeps the bacteria out. No! I'm not saying to grab a wine bottle & drown your sorrows. Mostly it hurts when one party loves one, more than the other. My dad used to say, "She lives 80 miles away. How many woman live between them 80 miles?" Confuted the young little me somewhat. A very hard concept for a young adult. Of course, then again, back in my day, sororities had to sleep with others predestine, but I'm drifting. Some people love to get beat their entire life.

Still others, put up with their mate, simply because they don't think they can get better and probably can't. The real issue is, so what! Even if they aren't as pretty. Even if they don't have the bulging muscles. Even if the hip size is too big.

My goodness, can't we take a hint? Does one need a ton of bricks to hit them. Yes I know, I myself am guilty of putting up with this utter nonsense till jail's & hospitals & even friends thought I was a nut. Then the one's that really cared for me, I ignored. But back to you, you need the help! Get my book if you don't believe me. Had to sneak a plug in. Now either you can communicate that the courtship is over to your mate. Ask them to please refresh the good first time's you've had before. If their is little or no response. You have been had big time. Dump the idiot. If the same feelings aren't their as when you first me. Meaning from the first day of loving eye contact or whatever, till the present. Well then, you might as well as never loved in the first place. Simply because, they never loved you to begin with. Get hold of your bootstraps & pick yourself back up. Do not take such degradation. Keep your moral values & dump the no good S.O.B.

OK Dr., Give me the cure!

So you want a script? You do know writing your own at a pharmacy, holds the same jail time, 20 years, as bank robbery. But you say, the analogy doesn't fit! Oh! Don't it? Enjoy the precious time you now have with your lover or mate if you have one. If you don't, find one. If you have the fitting description of the above paragraphs, dump them & get a real one. How you say? I'm still in love. I still miss the hardships, they at least out weigh nothing. Your joking right? Ask God to give you a good one. And do be specific! He will listen & provide. It might not match your timing, but the right person is their waiting for you. Every little niche & quorum that you desire in the opposite individual will be their. You don't have to worry, you won't be an old hag. You can be `ole. Don't get fooled. Don't get settled with something other than what you want & don't get pushy or in a hurry & don't get rambunctious. They are there or you wouldn't be here. But most of all be realistic. Setting goals and standards too high is in for a very big let down. Sure, Fabio can marry more than one, but who would share him? Like wise, Cindy Crawford. "Come out Virginia don't be late, Catholic girls start much too late". Love that Billie Joel. AKA her X. Yes, when you do eventually find the right one. You will be surprised. Not only will they have met your low expectations, but also your high ones. Life is to short. Go for the gusto! When you find that special someone. Make everyday, be as the first one as when you met. Cherishing each & every moment. Because it's God's gift to you. Enjoy!

Thank You All, and until next time

Honorable Dr. Lou Who

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