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     "Gone in 60 Seconds", what can I say.

Opens June 9th theaters everywhere. In 1972 I bought, "Charlotte", a Ford Mustang Mach l.

   1972 At that time, I had a CB and a police scanner in "Charlotte", which naturally a lot of people also monitored. And I'm sure H.B. Halicki visited friends and relatives in the area. So he basically overheard his story line for the movie. Heck! In the movie, he even set all his pairs of sunglasses on the dash like I did. Being I wasn't a car thieve, a plot had to evolve and it seamed logical, rather than to have no reason for a car chase smash up movie. 

   1973 H.B. Halicki a Pollock like me, had relatives and friends in the Chicago area. Naturally I was the talk of the town. Why you say? Cause back then, if they lost site of you while chasing you, well you were home free. Even in a direct pursuit, if they lost site of you, they could not pick you up later. It was illegal for them to do so, because they lost site of you. So I was somewhat of a temporary hero. Still an obscure unknown, the car was recognized on various occasions and chased for no reason. So naturally I'd oblige them. But getting caught was no more sever then stopping. A one year suspension, provided you weren't involved in other things besides endangering the community. Back then, jurisdiction stopped at the county line The good `ole daze when people had amendment rights and jurisdiction control.

   But things like LSD and outrunning the law, became extremely illegal that year. Unlike today, where the wimps want to take your guns away along with your 2nd amendment rights! Wimps! Give the state your kids and don't dare spank them! Take prayer away in schools. What did you expect?

  That car could do 180 MPH. I had it up to 153 MPH with pedal left. Naturally I would get chased by the police and helicopters several times a year. It was quite impossible to catch, using various stunts and tactics. All in all, the car was simply superior to anything on the road at that time. Most importantly the driver. The original movie would portray almost all of my stunts and maneuvers. Because of monitoring the police scanner along with the CB, I could out run and out maneuver them. Basically out driving them. Disk brakes all around. Cops had only the front disks. Cops 383 Chrysler, me, a Stock 351 C.I. Four-barrel carburetor with Cruisamatic transmission C-7, in wheels Goodyear rally GT tries. Sounds like a dream? Cop helicopters max speed was only 85 MPH back then. Mostly all the stunts and scene's I did, 1 year before the movie was made in 1974. 

   Needless to say, my stories were all over the Radio and Newspaper about a yellow car with a black racing stripe. The idea was, the 1972 Mustang Mach l, was the last year of the muscle car and only 2 cars in the world came close. Chevy's Stingray Corvette 180 MPH and the Jaguar 180 MPH. But you could fish tail the Mach l without it flipping. I outran and out maneuvered cops and helicopters in 4 states. Jumping off of bridges in one case, such as the 79th St bridge, 40 foot tall and over highway divides at 70 MPH. Flying threw the back roads of the nearby states. Main highways. Up the down ramp. Slamming on the brakes while the squad cars would slide by me and simply making an easy 60 MPH turn while the squads couldn't compete. Try that today and your out of luck. 

   You can read a few of my escapades in my new book, "Hippie Daze: Recovery Knights", ~ by Honorable Dr Lou Who. Copyright April 1998. Long before the remake of the movie. On Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and all the others including me. So get your personally signed copy today. Click the book above.

   1974 the release of "Gone in 60 seconds", what a shock! All the Pollock relatives, several thousand with friends said, "That's you Dr Lou Who"? Everyone thought I went to Hollywood to make a movie. We flocked by the thousands on the North, West, and South side of Chicago, to see the movie at the various drive-ins. And like all good things, so was the ending. I can't give away the ending, cause in the original movie, it was what really happened to me in the ending. Which not surprisingly, the movie was banned and pulled from the shelves and theaters within 2 weeks. I thus purchased it for $70 each, several copies of the original on VHS which I still have dozens. 

   1978 I went to California to the actual big junkyard H. B. Halicki owned in the San Fernando Valley and seen the actual two Mach l's used in the movie in a North Hollywood show room. I bought car parts too! Extremely nice man since I'm prejudice. Very Kewl! He set out to break a record of the most crashed cars in one movie. 96 total smash up's, a record for the time and he is the king! My dad also owned a junk yard in Chicago, years earlier and it could have easily been me. But he sold it. And I moved to L.A. California also.

   Funny! How the movies imitates life! Ask anyone in Chicago! They'll tell you the base original storyline for "Gone in 60 seconds". I know! I lived it!

   I feel extremely Honored, Dr. Lou Who
Below are my Brand New Pages and links on this website. I know you will thoroughly enjoy.

For this "Eleanor" ...the 1973 Mach 1 Ford Mustang, a true lady both beautiful and tough, who is the star of "Gone in sixty seconds."

Her measurements are:

Stock Ford 351 cubic inch Windsor Four-barrel carburetor with Cruisamatic transmission H-D-7 in wheels Goodyear rally GT tries 24-volt electrical system Fire extinguisher and first-aid kit Electrical kill switches Individual locking rear brakes Fish plating of the undercarriage 3" x 3/8" steel Removable bullet plating

Toby Halicki, teamed up with "Eleanor" and put through".... the most hair-raising chase scene ever filmed"... said Car Craft Magazine.

Every precaution was taken to safeguard Toby's life before he put "Eleanor" through her paces ...from heavy duty double strength Simpson shoulder harness and seat belt to deadbolt door locks. In spite of careful planning and technical expertise, "Eleanor" nearly upstaged her driver, Toby, when another driver overshot his mark, clipped "Eleanor" in the rear and sent her and Halicki careening into a light standard in excess of 100 mph. Both "Eleanor" and Toby kept their cool and, after two hours of frantic repairs, continued the filming. Toby, although injured, had to wait to hurt later.

And again, in an unbelievable 128-foot jump, over 30 feet in the air, "Eleanor" survived and drove away from the scene. However, Halicki wasnıt as fortunate ...he received a compressed spine upon impact.

Not satisfied with just being the star in the most ambitious and incredible auto-chase film ever produced, "Eleanor" is furthering her career by making personal appearances in theater lobbies, car shows, fairs, auto races, shopping centers, TV stations, and television news shows across the country. Her body shows the scars of the movie endeavor, but her motorıs still running and upon request, has known to exhibit some of her many stunts, much to the delight of her fans everywhere...

"Eleanor" still runsŠ Last seen on the set of the New Gone In 60 SecondsŠ

Drive-in blockbuster about car thief running from his former employers and the police.
With a 40-minute chase scene, this wildly successful independent film pleases those seeking non-stop car action

 I hope the remakes that good!Thank you H.B. Halicki for all



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