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The Rock of L O N G and the new album ALMOST THERE
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The great new Will Executors site www.alternateexecutors.com

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    Hef Court Reporting provides comprehensive court reporting services for clients throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. We specialize in medical malpractice and technical depositions.


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      Great! Fantastic! 2 Thumbs and hands up! 4 Stars!
    The best STAR TREK ever. Suprise middle and ending. Music to the STAR TREK legacy!
    Excellent all around A + movie. A must see! ~Honorable Dr Lou Who
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    PlayDaze.com "My new forum site " by Thee Honorable Dr Lou Who

    PlayDaze.com list your gig dates place

    List your band's gig dates or play daze. The days your band will be playing and where. Post your favorite band pix. Show your favorite pix of yourself in the members area when you sign up. Or chose from many cute avitars to represent you. Talk in general about bands or maybe even personally chat with your favorite band member there live online with the IM instant messaging system there. See who's online live. Don't have a band question or gig date yet? Want to talk about other things of intrest? Well go right ahead. Many topics to chose from. Someone has the answer. Posting here will definately get you some kind of response. Over 200 hits per day. So someone will view and answer any question you may have, whether about a band or life in general. Enjoy! It's free!


    Starting with an index page featuring a nav bar near the bottom. This classic site gives the finest details of one of Northern Tampa's newest and most modern RV resorts. This is a state of the art resort with every ammenity ever desired or dreamed of. If you can't find it here, it's on the links page listing many of the great activites here in the area. That dream vacation? Yes! You asked for sand, palm trees and cold beverage? You have it all here! In fact, once you get here, it's hard to leave. So stay awhile. One of my favorite sites I love updating.


    ThreeLakesResort.com   Honorable Dr Lou Who's brand new renovating website!

    Screaming Sam Kinison "The Screaming Comic" & Honorable Dr Lou Who

    Kinison at my place

    Sam Kinison & me are definitely alive and well.
    He impersonates himself at clubs and makes more $ now that you think he's dead. So buy my book now before the price goes up because I died writing it. In my short spectacular life. Now THERE!!! I just said more about my death then on his own personal website! Who do you think made it? Sam cracks up every time disbelieving e-mail is sent to me. He comes over and suggests what to add here. But I can't scream that loud! Huh! Huh! Huh! Both of us lived threw the sixties, because we were born before the sixties. Huh! Huh! Huh! He's playing in PA over Christmas through New Year 2002. Look him up!


    Photos of Loboski the puppy boy.
    Starting with an index page featuring a thumb nail pic for each page made. There is a page made for every month since he was born. Each of them pages, open with 4 + pixs of that specific month. Each of them pages display a comment about the pic onto his development. So far, months from 1 month old to over 1 year are posted. See his developement. New pics posted each month. Stay tuned for details here. This is one of the main links into the pic site. One of my favorite sites I love updating.


    Lobo!   Honorable Dr Lou Who's brand new puppy boy! 1yr old & new pixs

    Huchro.com Movie Star, Actor in the UNTOUCHABLES! And my cousin Eddie.

    See me on his links page Huchro.com

    The infamous movie and film star Ed Huchro.
    Star of Huchro.com his own website. Yes he's my kewl cousin that stared or was in many a movie. Someday he might star in my book "Hippie Daze"! He was in such fine films as the new film "The Untouchables" and featured spots, too many to mention here. Just see his website by clicking on the pic!

    His site has an online resume of all his phantastic works in film and television sitcoms. As for acting ability, it is easily observable in person and quite recognizable, immediately, that he can adapt to almost any role. The kid even fooled me a few times. It would be no surprise to me if he was the next greatest star!


    You Can Do It Murals!
    A sample of the finished product. A look at available wall mural designs. Store site and mural site done by me. Order online with your credit card or online digital check! You Too Can Create These Easy Murals In No Time. Itís Fun, Easy, and Looks Great!! Everything is done for you except the fun! Thats all yours! Let others wonder and marvel at how you made, by yourself, such a professional work of art on your wall. Order by credit card 24 hours a day, now with 25%, already knocked off the price for those rates. Check out the new lowered prices with free shipping. This is a limited timed offer to expire soon!


    You Can Do It Murals .com New Port Richey, FL's    "Elaine" & her wall murals

    Town House Auto .com Hudson, FL's    "Ron" & pix by Honorable Dr Lou Who

    Ron from Town House Auto Brokers Inc.
    The brand new website. Where you can find any car in stock by typing in what you desire in a car. Then simply click the e-mail inquiry form to receive an e-mail, detailing the car. His lot stands by all his vehicles. They have an onsite shop for instant repairs. These car prices are so low, I haven't seen prices this low since the 60`s. He even has cars for a few thousand that recently were over 10. With very low mileage. It's worth drive cross country for this great of a deal. I would know, I did the site!


    The Rock Band "LONG" and their official website.
    Hear sample 5-60 seconds music clips. Order their new CD their. One of my premier sites I enjoy making.

    And what more can I say? The site and sounds and pics are being updated as you read this. New will be the lyrics posted along with new pics and specs about the band. So don't delay. Be the first with Long on your block party.


    LongRocks.com   In my book Hippie Daze, "Steve" & the rock of "LONG"

    STEVO's Website!
    The CONKLIN BASE player for "LONG"!


    STEVO! The CONKLIN BASE player for "LONG"!
    My best and oldest living friend! Now enter the GENIUS of the man! Stevo, my best friend from my book "Hippie Daze". And Yes! He's alive! lol Unbelievably living back in Indiana. We have know each other since the `60s and the friendship will always be there. He is immortalized in my book "Hippie Daze" and has always been one of the worlds best guitar players. Sample his album. Buy online, it just doesn't get any better! Ry Cooter would be proud! You can see from the photo he sent me, the 12,000 foot mountain cliffs in that state! lol So visit his newly self created site, with the latest updates on his rock group "LONG".


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    The great new FORUM site

    the Ashampoo Program

    Buy now links for Ashampoo products.

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    Color Cube

    Click on a color to lock it.
    Click on any square to unlock.
    Here's the color code to match up the RGB in paint.
    Red Green Blue

    Son Brian's web site!



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    Need a new E-Maill adress? I have plenty on my other site! Just CLICK HERE!

    Yes it's here! Get a "USERNAME" @hippiedaze.com Free E-Mail address, on my site. Not just any e-mail program! @hippiedaze.com Is an OEM MAIL service. Meaning it's a web based E-Mail program accessible anywhere in the world from your web browser and just like Outlook Express and AOL, you can have NEW E-Mail Pop up in your bottom tray! Top that cgi buffs!

    View Larger Image
    30840 Stately eagle is the epitome of liberty. Wooden base. 11 1/4" x 5" x 9 3/4" high.
    $49.97 Free Shipping, Handeling & Gift Wrap! More Info...


    BORN On April 10th 2001
    Finally got this site to work for visitors
    I spend hours trying to write CGI to make all 47 Old Testament books and 29 New Testament books, pull a Random Bible Verse every 30 seconds to display on a page automatically or on refresh. When I got it to work last year, I decided to write a script for everyone. After I did that, I realized that their are NO webrings with "Random Bible Verses". So I decided to make one. After I had finished, a week later a new arrival appeared on the sceen. Then last week another. But I have the original. When you arrive, simply click onto JOIN THE WEBRING. I had the name on reserve for the past 2 years and it is now accessable to join.


    Please sign up and join and belong to the "Random Bible Verses Webring".


    BORN On April 17th 2001
    Had to register RingDing.org to operate the webring.
    With this as with RBV apparently many ppl seen my RingDing logo and knew it wasn't registered. So ppl were jumping on the bandwagon their. But as always RingDing.org was on reserve. I knew this when I first posted my book "Hippie Daze", as luck would have it, they registered "Hippydaze net & com" but I had hippiedaze.com on reserve and that site is up and running. RingDing.org is a fully functional webring. Since Yahoo bought webring.org, ringsurf.com jumped from a few sites, to thousands. RingDing.org runs on a better system then webring.org did. Also you can edit or add your site their to the RBV webring.


    So if you are farmilliar with the old style webrings, then RingDing.org is for you.


    BORN On April 23rd 2001
    Started the Microsoft Communities Random Bible Verses Webring
    Since ppl have asked for some type of commentary on some of the Random Bible Verses and a place to get together and interact with one another. I decided to make this fine association. As of right now it's brand new and has only 4 members. With MSB, you must have over 250 to be listed on their search sites. I encourage everyone to sign up atleast to get the numbers up so we can be publicaly known. If you stand up for whats right in this country, then lets show an example to our children!


    Be a part of the fine Community offered by us and MSN.


    Some new stuff I am working on or with or soon to be released!


    Movie Star, Actor in the
                        UNTOUCHABLES and others! And yes, my cousin. See me on his links page!


    As a final note. I enjoy visiting everyone of your websites. Please send me your web site anytime for advice or review. Every site I have seen so far is completely unique. The designs or banners or backgrounds or content. In my book, you are the best webmasters in the world and their are none better. I'm not just mouthing off here. Their is not one website I have seen that I dislike. Every site is fresh and invigorating. I espacially like all your newsletters or updates and plz feel free to send them any time.

    Don't forget to see me with thee "Screaming Comic Sam Kinison".
    Photos of both of us taken last week. And you thought it was Elvis! lol!


    Honorable Dr Lou Who

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    In Loving Memory of (Billy) William Waites

    The inside of our McDonalds, Gulf of Florida

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