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This brand new NEWS mailing, is updates on new pages, on new web sites, whats hot and whats new. Also tutors on how to make them and write html, cgi and java and web ideas and tips in general.

Satellite VS. DSL? I use Star Band. I download at 8mbps that's 100 X'`s faster then dial up and 10 X'`s faster then DSL and at the same price as dial up with a phone line. I upload at 6mbps. My 28 www websites broadcast at 10mbps using 27 T3`s from 3 locations at different states. More info on my DSL page. Find out how it's the same price or cheaper and faster then DSL for your home PC.  

~Honorable Dr. Lou Who

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 for Yippie's to come to the 

Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968

"The Whole World is Watching"

To read more of Honorable Dr Lou Who's experience at the
Chicago Democratic Convention

Just read the book "Hippie Daze" order here!

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