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This is the "Actual 1968 Poster" used

 for Yippie's to come to the 

Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968

"The Whole World is Watching"

Below is what the poster says!

    "Join us in Chicago in August for an international festival of youth, music, and theater.  Rise up and abandon the creeping meatball!  Come all you rebels, youth spirits, rock minstrels, truth-seekers, peacock-freaks, poets, barricade-jumpers, dancers, lovers and artists!
    "It is summer.  It is the last week in August, and the NATIONAL DEATH PARTY meets to bless Lyndon Johnson.  We are there!  There are 50,000 of us dancing in the streets, throbbing with amplifiers and harmony.  We are making love in the parks.  We are reading, singing, laughing, printing newspapers, groping, and making a mock convention, and celebrating the birth of FREE AMERICA in our own time.
    "Everything will be free.  Bring blankets, tents, draft-cards, body-paint, Mr. Leary's Cow, food to share, music, eager skin, and happiness.  The threats of LBJ, Mayor Daley, and J. Edgar Freako will not stop us.  We are coming!  We are coming from all over the world!
    "The life of the American spirit is being torn asunder by the forces of violence, decay, and the napalm-cancer fiend.  We demand the Politics of Ecstasy!  We are the delicate spores of the new fierceness that will change America.  We will create our own reality, we are Free America!  And we will not accept the false theater of the Death Convention.
    "We will be in Chicago.  Begin preparations now!  Chicago is yours!  Do it!"
  !~The Chicago 7 

List of Yippie demands before the Convention

`69 Chicago 7

"Revolution toward a free society, Yippie, by A. Yippie.
    "This is a personal statement.  There are no spokesmen for the Yippies.  We are all our own leaders.  We realize this list of demands is inconsistent.  They are not really demands.  For people to make demands of the Democratic Party is an exercise in wasted wish fulfillment.  If we have a demand, it is simply and emphatically that they, along with their fellow inmates in the Republican Party, cease to exist.  We demand a society built along the alternative community in Lincoln Park, a society based on humanitarian cooperation and equality, a society which allows and promotes the creativity present in all people and especially our youth.
    "Number one.  An immediate end to the war in Vietnam and a restructuring of our foreign policy which totally eliminates aspects of military, economic and cultural imperialism; the withdrawal of all foreign based troops and the abolition of military draft.
    "Two.  An immediate freedom for Huey Newton of the Black Panthers and all other black people; adoption of the community control concept in our ghetto areas; an end to the cultural and economic domination of minority groups.
    "Three.  The legalization of marijuana and all other psychedelic drugs; the freeing of all prisoners currently imprisoned on narcotics charges.
    "Number four.  A prison system based on the concept of rehabilitation rather than punishment.
    "Five.  A judicial system which works towards the abolition of all laws related to crimes without victims; that is, retention only of laws relating to crimes in which there is an unwilling injured party: i.e. murder, rape, or assault.
    "Six.  The total disarmament of all the people beginning with the police.  This includes not only guns but such brutal vices as tear gas, Mace, electric prods, blackjacks, billy clubs, and the like.
    "Seven.  The abolition of money, the abolition of pay housing, pay media, pay transportation, pay food, pay education. pay clothing, pay medical health, and pay toilets.
    "Eight.  A society which works towards and actively promotes the concept of full unemployment, a society in which people are free from the drudgery of work, adoption of the concept 'Let the machines do it.'
    "Number ten.  A program of ecological development that would provide incentives for the decentralization of crowded cities and encourage rural living.
    "Eleven.  A program which provides not only free birth control information and devices, but also abortions when desired.
    "Twelve.  A restructured educational system which provides a student power to determine his course of study, student participation in over-all policy planning; an educational system which breaks down its barriers between school and community; a system which uses the surrounding community as a classroom so that students may learn directly the problems of the people.
    "Number thirteen.  The open and free use of the media; a program which actively supports and promotes cable television as a method of increasing the selection of channels available to the viewer.
    "Fourteen.  An end to all censorship.  We are sick of a society that has no hesitation about showing people committing violence and refuses to show a couple fcking.
    "Fifteen.  We believe that people should fck all the time, any time, wherever they wish.  This is not a programmed demand but a simple recognition of the reality around its.
    "Sixteen.  A political system which is more streamlined and responsive to the needs of all the people regardless of age. sex, or race; perhaps a national referendum system conducted via television or a telephone voting system; perhaps a decentralization of -power and authority with many varied tribal groups, groups in which people exist in a state of basic trust and are free to choose their tribe.
    "Seventeen.  A program that encourages and promotes the arts.  However, we feel that if the free society we envision were to be sought for and achieved, all of us would actualize the creativity within us; in a very real sense we would have a society in which every man would be an artist.'
    And eighteen was left blank for anybody to fill in what they wanted.  "It was for these reasons that we had come to Chicago, it was for these reasons that many of us may fight and die here.  We recognize this as the vision of the founders of this nation.  We recognize that we are America; we recognize that we are free men.  The present-day politicians and their armies of automatons have selfishly robbed us of our birthright.  The evilness they stand for will go unchallenged no longer.  Political pigs, your days are numbered.  We are the second American Revolution.  We shall win.
!~Abbie Hoffman

"Gentlemen, let's get something straight.  The police aren't in the streets to create disorder; they are in the streets to preserve disorder."  -- Mayor Richard Daley

Chicago Mayor Daily 

as non cooperative witness in conspiracy

MR.  BILL KUNSTLER: Attorney for the defense of the Chicago 7

  Your Honor, the defendants make the following offer of proof.  Had the Mayor been designated a hostile witness, the defendants would have offered proof through his testimony to show the following:

    1.    That there was a conspiracy, overt or tacit, between Mayor Daley and the Democratic administration of Lyndon B. Johnson to prevent or crush any significant demonstrations against war, poverty, imperialism, and racism. and in support of alternative cultures at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

    2.    That the members of this conspiracy planned and executed the use of every means at their disposal, including the open and blatant encouragement of violence toward demonstrators by police and other military forces, in order to prevent or crush such public exhibition of dissatisfaction with American domestic and foreign policies.

    3.    That in so doing the conspirators were determined to continue the fraudulent myth that the people of the United States had a real voice in their government and that they would have a significant choice in the national election of 1968 between candidates supporting virtually identical policies of war, imperialism, racism, and the continued degradation and exploitation and oppression of youth, ethnic, socioeconomic, racial and other minorities.

    4.    That Mayor Daley obtained and maintains in power in Chicago bv the creation and maintenance of a corrupt political machine which is supported by those individuals and corporations standing to gain the most bv a continuation of present American domestic and foreign policies.

    5.    That this political machine is determined, whatever the cost, to prevent meaningful solutions to the problems presently facing the people of the United States and those of the rest of the world.

    6.    That the conspirators have embarked on a program of intense and brutal repression against all those who are seeking such solution, including but not limited to individuals and organizations committed to the end of the war in South Vietnam and the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of American troops there from, the right of black people and other racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic minorities to control their own communities, the right of rebellion against oppression, and the bedrock right of all people to adopt a new way or style of life.

    7.    That in furtherance of this conspiracy, Mayor Daley, among other things:

        (a)    On April 1 5, 1 968, ordered his police to respond to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with orders to shoot to kill arsonists and shoot to maim or cripple looters in the black community.

        (b)    Attempted first to obstruct the peace parade of the Chicago Peace Council on April 27, 1968, and then brutalized the marchers therein as a warning to peace demonstrators to stay away from the Democratic National Convention.

        (c)    Attempted first to obstruct the demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention in August of 1968 and then harassed, victimized, and brutalized the participants therein.

        (d)    Attempted to mislead the people of Chicago and the United States as to the nature and cause of such obstructive and brutal tactics.

    8.    That in furtherance of this conspiracy, Mayor Daley utilized the services of members of his political machine, including those of Thomas Foran, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Illinois and a former assistant Corporation Counsel of the City of Chicago.

    9.    That the indictment in this case was procured as a result of the said conspiracy in order to:

        (a)     shift the deserved blame for the disorders Surrounding the Democratic Convention from the real conspirators to deliberately selected individuals symbolizing  various categories and degrees of dissent from American foreign and domestic policies.

        (b)    punish those individuals for their role in leading and articulating such dissent and

        (c)    deter others from supporting or expressing such dissent in the future.
    10.    That the indictments of eight Chicago policemen, simultaneously with the instant one" were deliberately planned and procured to match the charges against the defendants and thus give the fraudulent illusion that an even-handed standard of Justice was being applied.
    11.    That Mayor Daley and his administrators have for years victimized the black community in the City of Chicago by means which include chronic police violence, economic oppression, and the abuse of Federal and state programs.

    12.    That Mayor Daley and his administration have for years harassed, intimidated, and terrorized young people in the City of Chicago who have adopted and maintained life styles of which he disapproves including the wearing of long hair and unconventional clothing.

    13.    That Mayor Daley maintains power in Chicago by a combination of:

        (a)     political patronage;
        (b)    furthering the interests of the city's financial and mercantile communities;

        (c)    oppression of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and other minorities.
    14.    That behind the mayor are powerful corporate interests who determine broad public policy in Chicago but are responsible to no one elected or public body.  These interests govern Chicago for self-serving private gains instead of social needs: urban renewal works to enrich these private interests and against poor and working people who are robbed of their homes-, no public programs effectively halt the polluting of our air and water by these powerful interests.  The city practices genocide against the black community and in particular the Black Panther Party, which no group of citizens can effectively check or reverse without dislodging these private interests from their control over public officials and institutions.

!~Note*** The jury was never allowed to hear this testimony till after the proceedings!

Reflections 2001

WE WON!        

    Being a power struggle, who really has the power now? We do of course. Was their a real conspiracy between LBJ and Dailey? Problem is, according to Isaiah, (Which no one bothered to look up back then) This country will never be conquered from without or within. So it really blows any revolution bull.

    Being at the Chicago Democratic Convention myself in 1968, resizing the list of demands becomes quite a history lesson. Obviously some of the listings are totally absurd and ridicules. Some should have come to pass and some of the total stupid demands did come to pass and are in effect today. Sometimes I wish the list was a little more presentable. Most of the community property type statements never should have been spoken and even others like me were against such community property.

    In my underground newspaper of the time in South Chicago URAS, I reflected such nonsense. Being the editor, I reported and published some disgruntle Hippies works, which being united in community basis did believe such a society would work. Notwithstanding no one would disagree, but would convey at the time, each to one another's beliefs in likes or dislikes.

   Therefore, if it was close enough to a Hippie philosophy, if we were all long hairs, then we were united. We'd smoke out our petty indifferences latter. I must say, no one thought we'd be killed or injured bad, and if anything, knew that if something wasn't done then, that today would really be a police state. Far right. Even though I have relatives in the Chicago police dept. It tore me in a spot with an affinity to both sides and courses. The solution back then, weed out the bad of both. Which is basically what we have today. Neither a completely corrupt police dept. (Don't argue) nor a complete Hippie state of a druggie commune.

   Actually we felt the Yippies were quite radical and sometimes off the wall themselves. But I think back then, no one took them, seriously. I mean putting LSD in the water supply, before it's purified for the public, not after. Who's that dumb?

   I must admit, the recorded earlier news report, of the helicopter shot, of the 4 mile long stretch of Archer Av, filled with Yippies and Hippies, was just a magnificent site to ever have beheld. Knowing you were part of the system that made the change, that made the difference.

   Now we partied hardy back in them days. May I say to such extremes it would kill the average human. The balance of power, the freedom of speech, the pursuit of happiness. You can't say it better yesterday nor tomorrow. I thank God I lived to see this all get straightened out somewhat.

   Abbie recently passed and his website has been pulled. Even though he attempted to disrupt the 5 hidden dynasties, at least you can say for him, he tried. All of my very good friends have passed. I know of only a handful of us who made it. I'm like Grace Slick ~Jefferson Airplane fame, a few survivors to enjoy a world we now own and control.

   We are the Champions of the world!   Enjoy!

              !~ Honorable Dr. Lou Who

To read more of Honorable Dr Lou Who's experience at the
Chicago Democratic Convention

Just read the book "Hippie Daze" order here!

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