Hippie Daze: Recovery Knights

       ~ by Honorable Dr. Lou Who


  Below is an excerpt from page 24 of my book Hippie Daze. The `60 held very precious memories and events that can never be duplicated. Even though mini skirts and drug abuse runs rampant today. The times and attitudes of the summer of love was so far out and cool. That some of it had to be transcribed or lost forever except in our hearts and minds. 

Reflections on "Woodstock"

    1969. The summer of love. The second morning after Janice sung, their was breakfast in bed for 400,000 people. "Far Out"!

Max Yasgar spoke, "I don't know how to speak to 20 people at one time let alone this". "That a 1/2 a million young people can get together and have fun and music, and nothing but fun and music, God Bless you for it!

The Jimmy Hendrix started with "Voodoo Chile". The last musician for the festival. 

Reflections on "Bull Island"

   The next month, 1969. A month before the "Monterey Pop Festival", was Bull Island Festival. The midwests answer to "Woodstock". Ask "Cheech and Chong" and REO Speedwagon, Blue Oyster Cult, the list goes on. A lot of headliner no shows, like "Led Zepplin", which kept the publicity down. 

3 days of fun and music. Skinny dipping and partying and music. Back then we all felt grown up. We were the baby boomers. We are the champions of the world! 

Even though this is only a beginning taste of the book. Everyone who's read it, from Montana to Seattle to Florida to Chicago to California, have personally told me they enjoyed the book so intensely they couldn't put it down. So why not get wrapped up in a good book today. It will enrich your life.

~ Peace Love


   A 245 pages soft copy book! With 4 pages of photo's.  Read page 24.


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