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Hippie Daze: Recovery Knights

     ~ by Honorable Dr. Lou Who

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  Below is an excerpt from page 24 of my book Hippie Daze. The `60 held very precious memories and events that can never be duplicated. Even though mini skirts and drug abuse runs rampant today. The times and attitudes of the summer of love was so far out and cool. That some of it had to be transcribed or lost forever except in our hearts and minds. 

Reflections on "Woodstock"

    1969. The summer of love. The second morning after Janice sung, their was breakfast in bed for 400,000 people. "Far Out"!

Max Yasgar spoke, "I don't know how to speak to 20 people at one time let alone this". "That a 1/2 a million young people can get together and have fun and music, and nothing but fun and music, God Bless you for it!

The Jimmy Hendrix started with "Voodoo Chile". The last musician for the festival. 

Dr. Lou Who?

forty dollars apiece, but the owner said each one was worth over

four-hundred. The next seven weeks I had different High School

photos: football games, girls, homecoming queens, accidents.

They loved 'em and now I could get a 305 Honda Super Hawk.

But by the second week of that Dog N Suds job, I would be

slicing cheese wondering what it would be like to have the rest

of my summer vacation off. I mean, I didn't have to study this 

summer. I was starting to make enough money with the photos.

I had a new bike. Look at all these people playing pinball and

the drive-in theater was next door. After all, this is the summer 

of love. I had long hair, people were starting to smoke joints in

public, and in six weeks I'd have to start my second year of high

school. This was Monday and I would have to open up with the

owner every afternoon, Monday through Friday. He just bought 

the place. I was stopped cold in my summer fantasy and told to

go downstairs and fill the five-gallon bucket with condensed

Root Beer. Each gallon cost eighty-dollars back then; five times

eighty is four-hundred. I had to bring the full bucket upstairs

and dump it in the trough, where it's mixed up with tap water for

that Frosty Mug taste. On top of the last step, I tripped and 

spilled it all over the workers floor. The other guys were

furious--they had to mop it. I was sent down for another batch.

By this time it was like a comedy. When I got upstairs I slipped

on the wet mopped floor. Eight hundred dollars of concentrate

on a forty-dollar a week, forty-hour job--gone! Hell!, he could 

have just paid me a few hundred not to work there. He fired me

instead. The next afternoon at opening time, I was sitting at

home and we all heard a big explosion. We thought it was

probably one of the factories nearby, the place was two miles 

away. The next morning when I delivered the papers the

headlines said the Dog N Suds blew up. Apparently when he

fired me, he was short one employee to shut the gas off the next

afternoon. I was usually there to open the place. He opened the

Page 24


Reflections on "Bull Island"

   The next month, in Aug of 1969 was the "Monterey Pop Festival", and the summer of 1972 was Bull Island Festival. The midwests answer to "Woodstock". Ask "Cheech and Chong" and REO Speedwagon, Blue Oyster Cult, the list goes on. A lot of headliner no shows, like "Led Zepplin", which kept the publicity down. 

3 days of fun and music. Skinny dipping and partying and music. Back then we all felt grown up. We were the baby boomers. We are the champions of the world! 

Even though this is only a beginning taste of the book. Everyone who's read it, from Montana to Seattle to Florida to Chicago to California, have personally told me they enjoyed the book so intensely they couldn't put it down. So why not get wrapped up in a good book today. It will enrich your life.

~ Peace Love


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Enjoy! Honorable Dr. Lou Who

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