Copy My Banner For All Links

To copy or exchange a banner, please copy the banner or the code below. Paste it on your page so I can see it. Then E-Mail me Click Here! Please include the following information. 1.)Your site url name and address. 2.) The exact page you posted my banner on. 3.) Tell me which link page you want me to post your banner or link on. 4.) Make sure your banner links to our page.

I will personally make sure your banner is on my page within 24 hours. Thank You Honorable Dr.

To copy banner, pick one, then right mouse click, then click, Save Picture As... Put in you favorite folder to ftp it up to your web site.

Or you can simply, copy the 2 line code below, and paste to your site. That's it! the code does the rest.

<A HREF="">

<IMG SRC=""></A>








I place your banner here "banners.html"
Standard banners for exchange are width 468 & height 60
The standard size maximum file should not exceed 8k
Personally, I don't care! Send me what you got
I'll exchange it!






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