d  Author: Honorable Dr Lou Who

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         Read page 24 here. Hi, my new book is also on HippieDaze.com. A nice 240 page paperback that's in many books stores now. I wrote this reminiscing about the `60s and realized, Hey! I'm starting to remember! lol Seemed like a big project at the time. Piecing together the many incidents that transpired thru the years. Sometimes I wonder where the time went. Where the Ty sticks bond fire, on the beach of Jamaica went. Basically this is a book to keep kids off of drugs and alcohol and is "G" rated. (I have grandkids now lol!) But all in all, everyone's told me, they couldn't put it down. It was such interesting reading that they had to finish it. Quite a compliment. I their fore set out to sell the book off the web myself. Mainly because it seems like everybody wants in. Their was only one "Hippie" book in print last year, MINE. Now their are dozens. I'm not rich, and I am physically disabled now, so every little order helps, that's why I made Linda Lous Gifts of Knick Knacks. So if you want to know what it was really like in the `60s, or if you have lived it and want some good times remembering. Please... Order off my other site www.LindaLousGifts.com immediately and use your credit card on 128 bit SSL. This is my autobiography book about the real life happenings of the `60s. You can order my book from me, and I will personally sign your copy of my book before I ship it. Just E-Mail me after you order, and I will also include any personal greeting you request. Their is plenty of reading about my book inside this site.

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