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Subject: I WANT A FREE PIZZA  !!!

I WANT A "FREE" PIZZA  !!!     
You got it! Free Pizza!

 MMmmmmmmm! Good !!!!!!!

Your up late!

Wouldn't it be nice right now, to reach over & grab a free piece of Pizza? Well go for it man! Right now it's FREE ! Yes you heard me right! I'm giving them away. As many as you want. Right now!

Absolutely Free Pizza!

Your desire for your free pizza is on it's way!

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Offer valid threw today, one day only ...
That's right! TODAY ONLY! You not only get the ...
1) Free Pizza! But ...
2) The Book Hippie Daze
3) The music CD from LONG

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First Sign guestbook below, then come back here for your

Free Pizza!

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Read below to find out how.

"Free Pizza"

For Delivery!

Just click on the pizza!

It hooks you to my Pizza E-Mail

Just type in "Send me a Pizza"


Please enclose $199.95 check or money order for delivery to...


Dr. Lou Who's

Pizza Give-A-Way

Wiessman Suite

1555 Suncha Ct.

Fairbanks, AK. 99709


Mail check...Payable to... Lou Who       

Please Note*** This is the valid working address for the free pizza give-a-way!

Offer now valid worldwide! Offer void wherever local laws prohibits pizza. And or any other violation of state or federal laws. Allow for check cashing & returned conformation of valid payment received. Please then allow 4-6 weeks delivery & all pizza shipped ups surface or a slower boat if we can find one. In plain brown wrapper as per your neighbors might want a piece. Please specify toppings, not to exceed normal pizza toppings not costing over $1 per topping, limited to 8 toppings per pizza. Multiple orders are multiple shipping costs. Only one pizza, book, and CD per order. Free pizza, book, and CD offer, will only apply to pizza's, book, and CD being ordered here and delivered. Delivery is the qualification for a free pizza, book or CD. This is actually better then some software and other promotions I've seen. Guarantee of freshness excluded. Enjoy!

Now is not the Post Office looking better !!!!!!  MMMMMMMMMM !

Due to the high demand and hundreds of orders per day, in fact I didn't know this would work out quite this well.
Please read fine print above! Unlarged for my convenience!

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