Get rich quick


Below is a list of Make Money or Get Rich Quick schemes over the internet

Lets see how long their links stay active


Cash for web surfing

Self run, on-line business

Rated #1 online business

Cash from home com

Quick adds classified

Learn where you earn

Get paid to surf the web

Get traffic to your site

Self run on line business

Free classified

Make $500 a day casino

Win office 2000 for $79                                               Found On Line June 16 1999  ....   on-line still active

Tips for Profit, your cost $69

Web stakes win $5000

Reach a Mill for $50

On line survey to win $1000

90,000 bulk E-Mail $80

Free add sign up, right!

Free $295 internet course

Make Cash from home

Add $650 a week to income                                          Found On Line June 19 1999 ... on-line still active

$145 worth of secrets free

Maxi cash x banners

Group mail fee

$20 sunglasses

Free host tools instead of Apache

Apache web tools start $200

Xitami Developers Page Free

Free $10 gift certificate buy .com

Win $1000 survey

Post Collectables                                                             Found on Line June 29 1999 ... on-line still active

Post More

Non Retail Attorney

Print Shop Labels

Free Computer

Get On Radio

$20 Prepaid Phone Cards

Banners That Pay

Free E Autos ponder

Buyer Be Aware



Meaning, I don't indorse nor disclaim their claims. Just I do have some others that were pulled off the web. They still send me E-Mail's offering a free site, even though they are not on line. Gee! Who could of pulled them? By the way, try their reply on their e-mail, you'll see you get none, except off their site's.


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