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    We are a household of 4 women, 24-33, tall to petite. We require a Domestic Submissive (male or female) to perform a number of household chores as well as function as a toy for our amusement. You need not be experienced - all that is required is a true need to serve. Please tell us your name, age, detailed physical description and give a general location. Do you wear glasses? Do you have any experience in submission? If so, what? Do you consider yourself a sub, bottom or a slave? What is your sexual orientation? Do you smoke? What is your opinion of cats? Are you in a relationship at the moment? What types of activities appeal to you when in scene? What frighten you? What are your limits (Be specific). If offered the position, when would you be available to serve (time of day, days of the week). On what date could you begin? CLICK HERE to send an instant online message.
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