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Here he lies

all cold

and hard

the last dang dog

that pooped

in my yard




Just in case your really worryed, he's 72 yrs old & doing fine in Paradise,CA


Read more of him from my book "Hippie Daze"

P.S.He's the one who mountain climbed with me.

Updating his tombstone,

what do u think it says?

E-Mail me below with your reading

P.S. Hate to do this but, unless you have over a 450mhz chip

Like if you have below 266 forget the pop up window, this is a

.mcp file and will take you 15min 20 sec to open with a 133mhz

And also get a satellite PC that downloads at 200mbp not 56kbs

Thats right 200 million bites per second! Not 56 thousand

So when the little window pops up, read what it really says.

Costs only $10 per month, not $19.95 like your land server Enjoy


I'll be posting more Uncle's soon.

By the way, the pop-up window after this closes

is not an add but a nice FX

Check it out!


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