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Stop the music!

Set your FM radio to the 999 frequency,

You'll notice the sound of this song starting out!


"Incense Peppermint"


Bah! Bah!

Good sense, inner sense, cripple mankind.

Dead kings, many things, that can be fine.

Occasions, persuasions puzzle your mind.


Incense Peppermint, Color of time

Turn on to whim, Turn your eyes around.

Love what you saw, love what you saw.


Turn you by the cockeyed world in two.

Throw you by the one side's, The least you can do.

Beatniks and politics, nothing is new.

A yard stick for lunatics, what point a view?


Who cares what things we chose?

Little to win but nothing to lose!


"Strawberry Alarm Clock"

Courtesy of, and produced by

Frank Slay & Bill Holmes







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