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 Q    Dad:    Nice job on the web pages, they're starting to look more professional by the minute. I'm still in Portland with Denali.. I've got a suggestion for you that you might not like: Put your book on the internet for free and ask people to send you money (like Stephen King). You will reach more people that way, and that's the important thing, right? Not just the money. So, congratulations on winning the Election, don't forget to thank your constituents. Check out cool pictures of me & my friends {Click Here}  Keep up the work!   BM å 

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Satellite VS. DSL? I use Star Band. I download at 8mbps that's 100 X'`s faster then DSL and a lot cheaper. I upload at 6mbps. My 19 www websites broadcast at 10mbps using 27 T3`s from 3 locations at different states.  

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